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Nostalgia Alert: The Legend that was F4

We all know it, before you’ve reached your current Kpop group bias you only know F4. And whenever you hear one of their songs playing, you sing along with it (without care of its lyrics) and find out that you still know it (the melody) by heart.

F4 or ‘Flower Four’ was a taiwanese Mandopop (Mandarin Pop) group formed in 2001 after the success of “Meteor Garden, the taiwanese drama adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana yori dango.

F4 consists of four members, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou. However, the group name was changed to JVKV in 2007 due to some copyright issues.

The group is considered to be on a long hiatus as their official disbandment was never announced.

Many titas of kpop will always remember that during those years, there were no youtube views to count and MYX daily top ten is all that matters.

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To send you on a feels trip that will help you remember your origins as a fangirl, here are some popular songs by the members of F4. To the new Kpop fans, see where we started from.

Season Of Fireworks, 煙火的季節

Meteor Rain

Can’t help falling in love

Jerry Yan’ Solo Song

Vaness Wu’s Solo Song

Ken Chu’s Solo Song

Vic Zhou’s Solo Song

To put the cherry on top, here’s a video of their most recent stage appearance together on Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival back in 2013.

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