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Sandara Park gifts fans with a cover of Meteor Garden’s OST “Ni Yao De Ai”

Sandara Park gifted her fans on December 24 with a cover of Meteor Garden’s official sound track Ni Yao De Ai.

She also left a message on the caption area, read it below.

Hohoho Merry Christmas everyone! Here I brought a present for y’all. New Video! I know this is not Carol, not even related to Christmas but I’ve wanted to sing this song for a long time. I covered ‘Ni Yao De Ai’ the OST from one of my fav drama! Hope this song gives you a warm feeling just like Christmas!

호호호 메리크리스마스 여러분! 여러분을 위해 선물을 가져왔어요. 바로.. 뉴 비디오! ㅋㅋㅋ 겁나 뜬금없이 왠 중국노래? 할수도 있지만 제 최애드라마 꽃보다남자ost를 투애니원 콘서트때부터 계속 한번은 꼭 불러보고 싶었어요! 이 노래들으면서 따뜻한 크리스마스 되시길!

As of writing, her video already gained 69,000 views, 18,000 likes, and 2,600 comments.

Many fans were amazed by her and voice, saying that they appreciate her cover and hard work.

Meanwhile, the new generation’s Shan Cai and first generation’s Dao Ming Si are the leads of the upcoming drama Count Your Lucky Stars.

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