5 Unique historical approaches of ‘Royal Secret Agent’

South Korea’s entertainment industry has been keeping track of their history through various movies and dramas. They are known for enriching their historic narratives and bringing them to life.

Royal Secret Agent starring Kim Myungsoo, Kwon Nara, and Lee Yi Kyung is one of these historical series that particularly set in Joseon, but it has a different approach than the others that make it more interesting and unique.

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This 2020 historical, detective, and comedy-drama tells the story of a man chosen to be the royal secret agent of the king and sets into secret missions. He is the voice of the people outside the palace and the ears and eyes of the king.

With his duty, he will help to reveal and punish the corrupt officials who cause the inequality and unbalanced structure of the society.

Here are some points that you need to look forward in the drama:

1. No puppet king

We encountered puppet kings in some historical dramas, wherein the king’s power was taken and controlled by some evil officials. But in this drama, the king has his own way of deciding for the common good. He acts accordingly with the power vested in him, despite the unexpected circumstances that may occur.

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2. About the people, for the people

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From the title itself and the synopsis, the drama will tackle about the people and it is mainly for the people. As the story goes between the government and its people, we can all relate to the situations having untrustworthy officials and innocent individuals who suffered drastically.

Moreover, it can also be an eye-opener to all of us — the one who abuses and circumvent the law, and the one suffered in the misuse of it.

3. Message of hope

The drama sends a message of hope to the viewers. Aside from its intriguing journey, we can have something out of it more than just opening our eyes to the reality of those people who truly suffered in the system our government or we created. It will make us stand for what is right and oppose those who are wrongs. How can we stop the evil things to happen if we shouldn’t make any move to cut it? As long as we are all sticking together for good, respecting the law and the people, then the world will still be a better place.

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4. Clean-focused plot

Royal Secret Agent has a clean-focused, interesting, and solid plot. Unlike the other dramas, in which the storyline has a lot of things to delve into, this drama mainly focus on the agent’s mission bestowed to him by the king. It is about the agent and what he discovered in his journey.

In addition, the plot is fun and it will never bore you. Adding the fact that it has a slice of comedy, balancing the serious atmosphere of the drama.

5. Friendship despite class differences

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A new K-drama squad you will love!

The trio — Yigyeom (Kim Myungsoo), Dain (Kwon Nara), and Chunsam (Lee Yi Kyung) have great chemistry! Their friendship is something to be admired and they are really fun to be with.

Despite their classes or status in society, it never became a way to build the differences between them, instead, they embraced each other’s personality and formed a friendship that they can treasure in this lifetime.

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Their personality also displays that each of them has unique capabilities. Giving us the message of we are not useless, we are worthy and loved.

Royal Secret Agent doesn’t just have an amazing plot but also a star-studded casts. There are so many familiar faces from new to veteran actors and they all portray their characters well. Even the main leads do not only have great acting skills but also undeniable visuals!

Moreover, Kim Myungsoo also known as L, has been appointed as an honorary secret royal inspector by South Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission even before the drama started.

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So, are you curious about our excellent and defender-of-the-truth agent’s journey? Do you also want to join him on his missions or be one of his entourage?

Watch Royal Secret Agent now!

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