10 Reasons on Why “Dinner Mate” is a Perfect Menu for the Heart

Looking for something to watch that deals about love, pain and moving on? Dinner Mate is a good drama for you! Here are 10 reasons why I think it’s both therapeutic and perfect for loveaholics. There’s a bit of a spoiler in this article but I will try not my best not to reveal too much..


1)  It’s the REUNION we have been waiting for.

Everyone who has watched “Crash Landing On You” has waited for this moment: Seo Dan and Alberto Gu reunited once again, hopefully with a happy ending this time. To be honest, they are one of the reasons why I decided to watch this drama. The short cameo of Kim Jung Hyun on episode 1 will have everyone agree that they really have a good chemistry together. Perhaps another project for these two, right? Will it end beautifully this time or will our hearts get broken again for these two?


2)  It’s a story that feeds the heart with healing and warmth.

Kim Hae Kyung is a psychiatrist who helps his patients through food therapy. Woo Do Hee is a producer for shows that her media company streams on YouTube. Their paths crossed in the wonderful island called Jeju and their story started the moment they saw a glimpse of each other’s brokenness. Two people who do not know anything about each other found comfort with each other’s company as they share their life through eating good food together.


3) Song Seung Heon will make your heart flutter as Dr. Kim Hae Kyung.

He was the first Oppa that caught my attention. Who would ever forget Johnny from “Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart”? No one. I still remember the OST of that drama. Noonas of K-Drama can definitely relate to this. I was quite uneasy at first if he’ll have a winning chemistry with Seo Ji Hye since I already wanted her for Kim Jung Hyun. But after watching them together, my heart also started rooting for them. He effortlessly played his role as Kim Hae Kyung, a famous Psychiatrist who is not only good looking but good in cooking comfort food too. At 43 now, he is still as dashing as he was 20 years ago.

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4) Seo Ji Hye is now a leading lady and she deserves it.

I didn’t expect that she would make me love her so much. She is the type of girl who will sometimes get on your nerves when she’s serious and frowning. Playing the role of Wo Do Hee will make you see her in a different light. She’s charming and can melt your heart with just a smile. Her being natural, sweet and funny never fails to make me laugh. Be ready to cry with her too because her tears can really break your heart. Her role as Woo Do Hee is a perfect fit for her.


5) The supporting lead stars are effectively good in portraying their roles. Too good that you’ll feel both love and hate towards them.

Trust me when I say that the past lovers of Hae Kyung and Do Hee will definitely get the best out of you while immersing with them in the story. After leaving and causing too much pain, they have the guts to come back as if nothing had happened. Jung Jae Hyeok (Lee Ji Hoon), is Woo Do Hee‘s possessive ex-boyfriend who can’t let her go. Jin No Eul (Son Na Eun) on the other hand can’t let Kim Hae Kyung go after realizing what he really means to her. Tension arises when these two get in the mix of the blossoming love story of Hae Kyung and Do Hee. It’s that kind of conflict that we all love about K-dramas.

Jung Jaehyuk | IQIYI
Jin No Eul | IQIYI

6) Dinner Mate gives another perspective about this little thing called LOVE.


Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. However, there are instances when love turns out bitter and becomes pain. There are times when relationships will only stay good as they last. Happiness comes, stays or at times goes unexpectedly. This drama will show different kinds of love. One that heals and starts anew and another one that gives way and moves on.

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7) It is also a story of second chances.

We all deserve second chances in life but before we can move forward, some things must end first. We need to learn to accept and let go. Accept that some things are just not meant to be so it is better to set them free and let go.

A fresh start is best experienced when one no longer carries the baggage from the past.

In the story, you would see both the good and the bad in accepting what is and letting go of what was. Acceptance just like what Woo Do Hee’s mother did to his dad (when she no longer believed that their marriage is for keeps) and what Kim Hae Kyung did to his mother (renewing his relationship with her). Letting go is a struggle for Jung Jae Hyuk and Jin No Eul. While we hated them for the things that they have done, we can also see the hardships that they’ve been through in accepting the past mistakes that lead them to losing the people they love.


It’s never too late to look for what makes us happy. Just because you failed before does not mean you can’t pick yourself up again. There’s always that chance to be better but better doesn’t always mean getting stuck to where you are at. It could also mean taking that little step to move forward.

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8) The songs in the OST is a good MUSIC MATE.

Music has a way of touching our hearts in ways we can’t explain. The music playing in the background made each scene memorable. It adds happiness to the feel good moments of Do Hee and Hae Kyung or echoes sadness to the heartbreaking scenes.


Midnight Cinderella” and “Dear My Star” makes me both happy and sad at the same time. It’s the type of music that you could listen to if you want some quiet moment with yourself in a park or even in the comforts of your own room on a rainy day.

9) The supporting cast serves as the perfect side dish that makes Dinner Mate a hearty meal for K-drama fans.

No drama is complete without the supporting cast. Just like any food, it won’t taste good without the side dishes right? Here are some of the people who completed the menu of this drama.


10) The cameos are like “off the menu” surprises in the episodes they are in.

A. Kim Jung Hyun

The Cameo that everyone is waiting for.


B. Sandara Park

Her cameo is refreshingly fun. I love her scene so much.


C. Kim Won Hae

His cameo broke my heart. Such a versatile actor.


If you are looking for a fresh drama to fill your hearts with, Dinner Mate offers a good story menu for you. It has a perfect balance of sweetness, at times bitterness but it also gives off a good dose of spice and warmth that makes it enjoyable to watch. A food for the heart it is. Learn to love and let go. Learn to let go and love. May your hearts be always full of happiness.


Prepare your tables and food and make Dinner Mate your habit after your hearty meal. Make it a weekly treat to yourself and never forget that life is best enjoyed 24/7! Catch Dinner Mate on IQIYI.

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