By: Agatha Fabricante

It’s Sungjae Day!

There is just so much to love about Yook Sungjae, so we would like to share all the reasons in this special article for the birthday boy.

1. His singing voice

Being part of BTOB’s vocal line, singing is undeniably one of Sungjae’s best talents, as he has shown us consistently.  Even his singing in casual settings will make one stop and listen, and this is exactly what happened in one of the episodes of All The Butlers/Master in the House.  He has a soothing voice that’s perfect for ballads.  But he has also shown his versatility when he released his first solo album “Yook O’Clock” last March 2020. 

Watch the official MV of the title track “Come With The Wind” on Sungjae’s album here:

Bonus: If you know Sungjae, then you also probably know who Six Cash (Sungjae’s English/Rap name) is. Yes, he has some rap aspirations. If you haven’t seen him perform yet, you can watch his cover of BeWhy’s “Forever” together with other BTOB BLUE members here:

2. His acting skills

Yook Sungjae is renowned to be one of the idols who are also very good actors.  His acting skills are wide-ranging.  He can be anything — from a spoiled brat high school student, to being a police officer in a village full of secrets, to the goblin and grim reaper’s chaebol nephew, and to a part-time worker who is full of empathy for others.  Bonus that he was also a very persuasive villain when he was a guest in Busted Season 2.

If you haven’t watched his dramas, this is the time you start to binge-watch all of it!  Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Goblin, and Who Are You School 2015 are available on Netflix. Who Are You School 2015, Plus Nine Boys and Goblin are also available on Viu.

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Screenshot from Netflix

3. His variety show’s wit

As if singing, rapping, and acting is not enough, Sungjae also greeted everyone with his fresh and endless wit in the variety side of the industry. He is naturally funny and this can be seen in all BTOB guesting.  He is not afraid to get down and dirty nor look silly, which is essential in variety shows. 

His biggest break was being part of the original cast of Master In The House/All The Butlers, where he was able to go head to head with veterans, Lee Seunggi and Yang Sehyung. He really shone in so many episodes, and because of this he garnered two major awards from SBS – Excellence Award in Variety in 2018 and SNS Star Award in 2019.

Seunggi’s favorite “dongsaeng”? Yook Sungjae!

Screenshot from VIU
Screenshot from VIU

4. His visual

Sungjae is one of those who were born blessed with good looks. The people around him know it, and he knows it as well.  Tall and handsome — what a combination!

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Image source: Pretty 95s

In fact, Sungjae and Changsub were not part of their pre-debut mini-drama because the crew said they looked like young masters, which will not fit the theme of the show.

Screenshot from YouTube via Melody International

5. His dorky side

Sungjae is also known in the industry as “Yook Zaldow/ Yook Jalldo”, or “Handsome Crazy Yook”, because he can sometimes be crazy.  There are just TOO MANY instances to mention.  You’ll see it everywhere, from Beatcom videos, All The Butlers, HaDaBangs, to TV guesting.  

This whole video from Sungjae’s “Paradise Curiosity” is more than enough to show his dorky side, but if you just want a sneak peek, head over 48:50 and watch him grill the pork belly using an iron for clothes here:

Screenshot from OFFICIALBTOB’s YouTube account

6. His unending love for BTOB and Melody

Sungjae is a real tsundere because even if he acts cool or unbothered, he is a softie and a baby at heart.  The best evidence of this are his crying sprees in BTOB concerts.  And if you look closely, behind the scenes, in between takes, in the little gestures and actions, you will see his tremendous love for his hyungs and for Melody.  His biggest act of love was when he enlisted earlier than he’s required to, at the height of his career, just so that BTOB will all be together during their 10th anniversary next year.  

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Do you have tissues?  You’ll need it when you watch this.  Head on over to 28:10 and be reminded of how much Sungjae loves BTOB and Melody:

BTOBPH, the Philippine fanbase of BTOB, donated to the community pantry organized by the Korean Artists Organization of Philippine Fan Clubs (KOPFA) in Sungjae’s name as a way to celebrate his birthday. 

Don’t forget to send our Corporal Yook Sungjae warm and loving messages!  We are going to see him again soon, so we are excited!!!  November is not far away.  See you, our maknae, yook (6) months from now! Happy birthday!

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