Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun confirm to star in new drama “Zombie Detective”

Update as of July 3:

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Early morning on July 3, reports have been confirmed the drama appearances of Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun as the lead casts in the upcoming KBS2 drama Zombie Detective.

Choi Jin Hyuk was reportedly to play the male lead role on May 20 while the Extracurricular star Park Joo Hyun received the offer on June 4.

Moreover, Zombie Detective’s broadcast date has yet to be announced.

We will now get to see these two in one drama! Are you excited, bes?

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After Choi Jin Hyuk’s recent drama titled Rugal, he is currently reviewing for a new drama!

Photo Source: Naver

According to Daily Sports on May 20, Choi Jin Hyuk will be playing the lead role in the KBS2’s upcoming drama Zombie Detective.

His agency clarified that Zombie Detective has been proposed to Choi Jin Hyuk and it is now under positive review.

“There are many projects under discussion and nothing is confirmed yet,” they added.

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Zombie Detective is a survival comedy drama about a zombie who struggles in the human world after he takes up the identity of a detective four years ago.

The said drama will provide unique and fun storyline that has never been seen before with a zombie character that has sexy and charismatic look.

If Choi Jin Hyuk will accept the lead role, he will be playing the character of a detective agency CEO Kim Moo Young.

The said character loses his memories in the past and decided to humbly accept his fate as a zombie.

In order to survive in the human world, he hides in the hills while practicing how to live like a human being.

However, he discovers a corpse without any family members nor friends. He then infiltrates the village with that identity as Kim Moo Young.

Taking up Kim Moo Young’s identity, he becomes a detective and his journey started to begin.

Zombie Detective will be directed by one of the co-directors of The Producers, director Shim Jae Hyun and is written by Baek Eun Jin.

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Stay tuned for more updates!

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