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#KDramaReview – The Emperor: Owner of The Mask

Are you a fan of historical Korean dramas? Or are you planning to watch a completed series? If yes, then you may add The Emperor: Owner of the Mask on your list.

It is one of the those historical drama series which deals with politics, friendship, love, and sacrifices.

Additionally, it tells the story of crown prince Lee Sun, portrayed by Yoo Seung Ho, who wishes to set free his nation under the manipulation of Pyunsoo Group. His face stays hidden to the public and was forced to wear a mask; as the king is protecting him from Dae Mok, the head of Pyunsoo. Along with the cast members are Kim So Hyun as Han Ga Eun, and Kim Myungsoo as commoner Lee Sun.

In order to help you decide whether to watch this K-drama or not, we’ve listed some facts to give you a brief idea about the story.

Take note, this article may also contain spoilers. Better be guided, mga bes.


If you are into politics you will surely love this drama. It deals about manipulating the laws inside the palace. Why? Because the late king is under the manipulation of Pyunsoo Group. Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) role is to abolishes the group and give fair justice to his subjects.

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Frienship is being tested. When Crown Prince Lee Sun goes out of the palace, he met Han Ga Eun and Lee Sun (commoner). They’ve undergone a lot of struggles when Lee Sun (commoner) decides to pretend as the crown prince. He became a puppet king when Dae Mok and his men assasinated the previous king. Additionally, both the crown prince and the commoner love the same woman.


Another thing is romance. Crown prince Lee Sun and Han Ga Eun fall in love with each other. They become each other’s strength while fighting for their goals in order to save the people from Dae Mok.

The Plot of the Story

We all know that Korean dramas never disappoint when it comes to the plot of story. When crown prince Lee Sun met Han Ga Eun, the latter didn’t know that Lee Sun was the crown prince of Joseon. How will Han Ga Eun react when she discovers the truth? What will happen to Lee Sun (commoner) when he become the puppet king of Dae Mok? So many questions will come into our minds. I suggest you take your time to watch this, bes. You really won’t regret doing it so.

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Have you ever love someone without expecting and receiving the same love in return? I know, we all experienced that as a fan girl/ fan boy, of course. However, let me tell you, bes; this drama also deals with sacrifices.

Aside from the three main characters, there are also other actors and actresses which gives spice to the drama.

Hwa Gun is the grand daughter of Dae Mok who falls in love with the crown prince. She did everything in order to protect the prince from his evil grand father even if it costs her life.

Gon is also Hwa Gun’s loyal body guard. Although he seems like an introvert himself, he silently love Hwa Gun and stays loyal to her until the end. Isn’t it so nice how love revolves between their characters? Love is indeed selfless and not selfish!

Parental sacrifices are also given by the late king and Han Ga Eun’s father in order to protect the crown prince from Pyunsoo Group.

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The Cast

Portrayed by veteran actors and actresses of South Korea. We all know that Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun are really great when it comes to acting. They have a lot of previous dramas that surely gained praises from their fans. Their fellow artists also add spice to the story. They’re all great!

The Official Sound Tracks (OST)

A Korean drama won’t be completed without its official sound track or OST. Those songs which give you the feeling as if you were really inside the drama itself. Do you feel me, bes? It’s OSTs are really soothing.

I really do recommend this drama, mga bes! If you’re really into historical dramas; then, this one is for you.

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