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5 reasons why you should watch “Memorist”

Are you looking for an action-thriller fantasy Korean drama about detectives, serial killer, and with a twist of telepathy. Then, the tvN’s on-going drama titled Memorist will certainly give you that vibe!

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Memorist is based on the webtoon with the same title written by Jae Hoo. It tells a story of an elite criminal profiler and a telepathic detective who can read minds by simply touching his subjects. They both came across with a mysterious serial killings and were team up to solve the said case.

Here are the five reasons why you should watch this mind-blowing drama!

1. Astounding plot

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You won’t definitely miss this drama mainly because of its plot. If you’re fond of solving crimes and nerve-wracking cases but with a superpower thing, then you really need to watch it.

It is a roller coaster ride because of the bottled emotions brought in every episodes. Surely, there’s a feeling of excitement and frustration as well as you will be left dumbfounded because of the happenings.

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As what have stated in the story’s description, a telepathic detective and an elite criminal profiler; however, why did someone commit such horrendous crime knowing there’s someone who can easily scan the past?

Well, it’s up to you to know why and start joining them in solving the case.

2. Cinematography

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Knowing it’s an action-thriller fantasy drama full of tricks, the people behind this masterpiece never failed to give us the hype. I’ll give them the credits and appreciation for making such amazing masterpiece.

The cinematography is so great which adds up to make this drama a worth one. From the dark motion and angles of the camera to the process every episodes, it highly gives us the feels of the drama we ever wanted.

3. Superb cast members

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Of course, it will not be completed without an amazing set of characters.

Yoo Seung Ho who plays the main role, shows his great acting skills again and seems like this kind of drama is his specialty. As well as Lee Se Young who has a bold and sharp personality in this drama. Definitely, the whole cast wraps it up and did a very great job portraying their respective roles.

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4. Awaited episodes

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Every episodes won’t get you bored because the production staff left us with things to wonder.

Due to the curiosity and the urge to know what will happen next, we tend to await for the next episodes!

5. Life lessons

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The storyline will be more appealing if we learn something from it; and Memorist gives us some lessons and realization in life!

You better start to watch it and experience the roller coaster feels of Memorist.

Moreover, the broadcast of the said drama has started on March 3, 2020 and ended on April 30, 2020.

Watch the trailer below:

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