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Why SEARCH: WWW is the K-Drama for you this Women’s Month

If you’re a big Jang Ki Yong fan like me, you have probably seen this title as part of his acting repertoire. Then, added this to your ‘to-watch’ list. Yes, I definitely watched it because of Jang Ki Yong. But I stayed and loved this K-drama even more because of Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, and Jeon Hye Jin. They are also known as Tammy, Scarlett, and Ms. Song Ga Gyeong.

If you are a career-driven woman, you can definitely relate to these three main characters. They do their best to navigate the intricacies that come with their careers, friendships, and romantic lives. This is the K-drama for you this Women’s Month, bes!


Let’s start with the strong-willed main lead Tammy. Now, if you’re single, within the age of 28 to 38, very much into your career and having the best time of your life. At the same time, having self-imposed loneliness by building up walls around you because of experiences from failed relationships and the general notion that you can barely take care of yourself that’s why you don’t go into relationships on a whim – you can definitely find a bit of yourself (or more) with her character.

She makes questionable actions and choices that lead to her being misunderstood. But Tammy’s character is very competent and sticks to her values as she bravely defends herself from Unicon, the government. Then she continues on claiming her place and proving her worth to Barro. Keyword: Strong independent woman. Hashtag: Goals!

The drama also shows how she came to eventually try out a relationship with Park Morgan and experience having someone to lean on and share her fears with especially in her most trying times. Am I alone in saying that I really like how they left Tammy and Morgan’s ending as such? Neither of them caved in with what the other wants but it’s very realistic if you ask me, more so on looking back at what Tammy said on the final episode:

You know that nothing’s been resolved between us, right?
The same problems might cause us to fight again.
And the same problems might cause us to break up again.

Bae Ta Mi, Search : WWW

Sounds familiar, bes? Morgan agrees to all of this and assures her that he’s in it wherever their relationship goes while he’s cute enough and young enough to not care about the consequences. (Ah, youth! To be young and reckless again.)

Confidence, check! Killer wardrobe, check!! Swag, check!!!


Next up, tenacious Scarlett or Cha Hyeon with her physical prowess and on-point fashion sense. From standing up to an assaulter to running around chasing bad guys to gushing over his favorite actor from a K-drama all while sporting great fashion pieces that just makes her more swoon-worthy, isn’t she a big #relate? 

Bestie goals: pick up bats and bash cars of asshole’s with it

Scarlett is the bestie you just wanna tell all your frustrations to, the one who protects you, and the one you call when you just want someone to destroy a car with (in the case of Tammy). She is definitely my favorite character from this bunch as she serves as a bridge between the other two with strong personalities just like her.

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One thing that really made an impact to me was when they have overtaken Unicon’s market share and they drank to their heart’s content ultimately sharing vulnerabilities in their lives in the form of changing circumstances that is honestly tiring:

One day, you have such a hard time. And the next day, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Then one day, you fail again and get frustrated. This is all part of life, right? But all these ups and downs can be very tiring sometimes. All this becomes really exhausting. You sigh thinking you can’t take it anymore. But then, you see something funny and laugh. You eat something, it tastes delicious. You feel happy when you see someone you like. Even so, life continues.

Cha Hyeon, Search : WWW
#FanGirl goals = dating your favorite oppa!

Let’s not forget the great chemistry between Scarlett and Jihwan and how Scarlett genuinely shows her support and admiration for him all throughout the series. Her straightforwardness is one for the books too, mapapa- SANA ALL ka na lang sa sobrang #FangirlGoals!

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Song Ga Gyeong

Last but most definitely not least, the compelling Song Ga Gyeong . Her character will start off as not immediately likable but will come to own your heart as the drama reveals her adversities in life. It has been a constant battle for her to overcome her challenging mother-in-law, her uncaring parents, and her relationship with Jinu.

She doesn’t hesitate in admitting her wrongdoings and manipulative actions. But let’s admit that it is clear that she doesn’t pretend to be nice. She is also the irony and epitome of choice for me in this drama as she starts off as a daughter married off for convenience to a woman that has taken back her rightful claim to her own life.

In the finale, the time comes that she reveals all of her in-law’s wrongdoings through the portal Search: WWW. Seeing the sports car pull up, my heart skipped a beat and thought that it would be Jinu with his promise of having her back always. But to my surprise, Scarlett is behind the wheel while Tammy relaxes in the back as they drive off into a scenic horizon.

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For a while, it seemed that Ga Gyeong needed some rescuing as usual tropes in K-dramas go: men rescue women. This scene is definitely a very refreshing take from the usual. And that folks, is how you end a good drama! 

Off to dominate the world!

“So, where exactly are we going? A place with no red lights.”

*collective squealing* ensues

Of course, this K-drama wouldn’t be possible without its male leads and other powerful and relatable female characters like the in-law Jang Hee Eun, Unicon CEO Ms. Na, the hardworking hoobaes Ellie and Jennie, and piano seonsaengnim Dain.

It will just be a few days before this month ends, Women’s Month that is. But I can assure you that this will be worth your bandwidth and your time bes!

Search: WWW stars actors Jang Ki Yong (Come and Hug Me, Go Back Couple), Im Soo Jung (Chicago Typewriter), Lee Da Hee (The Beauty Inside), rookie actor Lee Jae Wook (Extraordinary You), Jeon HyeJin (Misty) and Ji Seung Hyun (Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine).

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