“Lovers never break up.
Though you may not know when or where it will be.
We will meet again.
In the next life, and the life after that.” – DJ, Born Again

Born Again is a story about three different people and how love weaved their destinies together. Their paths initially crossed in 1980’s as Gong Ji Chul played by Jang Ki Yong (an abused son), Cha Hyung Bin played by Lee Soo Hyuk (a detective), and Jung Ha Eun played by Jin Se Yeon (a bookstore owner) in a small town. Two men fell in love with the same girl who suffers with a heart disease. She loved one of them, and the other ended in a one-sided love affair. Because of her heart disease one of them decided marry her and be with her until she dies, while the other one vows to do everything just to keep her alive, even if it meant losing his own. But fate has other plans.

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Fast forward to the present time, once again fate played it’s role by making their paths cross once again as they were reincarnated into a prosecutor (Lee Soo Hyuk), a medical student (Jang Ki Yong) and an archaeology instructor (Jin Se Yeon). Would fate be kinder? Or would it hurt them more?

A love story that transcends time giving them a second chance. Will they make the same mistake again? Or will they be able to make it right this time?

The first few episodes gave a bit of Come and Hug Me vibes with a touch of Wuthering HeIights story (which was mentioned in the drama several times). It shows different kinds of love and how justice should be served. How looks can be misunderstood and how chances can be lost. If you’re a fan of dramas that has reincarnation theme that’s also a thriller drama with a bit of romance, this one is for you. Join me as we await what fate has in store for the three of them.

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