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#NoonaWrites: Capture “The Beauty Inside” (A Review)

Weekends are love because it gives me more time to savor on my favorite past time: binge-watching on k-dramas. Maybe it’s the “noona” in me. I like spending more time at home now during rest days, lying down in bed with the TV on, getting absorbed by the story of the series I am currently hooked with.

I first heard about the movie The Beauty Inside from friends but never really took the time to see it. A good thing I think since I can write a review without comparison.

The Beauty Inside is a JTBC drama which tells the story of two individuals each with a secret of their own.  A chaebol who is suffering from prosopagnosia (also known as face blindness) and an A-list actress who suffers from an unusual phenomenon of transforming into a new person every month. What started as a pursuit to know the mystery of each other’s lives later on blossomed into the kind of love they both needed.  A love that accepts and heals.

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Seo Hyun Jin (Another Ms Oh, Temperature of Love) and Lee Min Ki (Because This Is My First Life) starred as Han Se Gye and Seo Do Jae in this series. As a viewer, I found the story very light, at times cute but is also packed with some tearful episodes.  The strong chemistry of the two lead stars are undeniable. I have always been a fan of Lee Min Ki since I first watched him on Because This Is My First Life. He is very effective in playing a character who seems undivided on the outside but carries a soft spot on the inside. The supporting cast lead by Ahn Jae Hyun (as Ryu Eun Ho) and Lee Da-Hee (as Kang Sa Ra) added to its charm too! Not to mention the adorable “Gging Ggang” who is a certified star of her own in every scene that she appears in.

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They say that love sees beyond one’s imperfection for it is the heart that makes the choice. This drama made sense of it all. Learn to believe in the beauty we all carry within. The one that goes beyond the superficial. The one that shines about you.

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