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Filipino Runners was able to meet the Running Man stars in Haha’s Restaurant!

A couple of Filipino Runners was able to meet some of the Running Man stars while visiting Korea last 2019!

Elfed Malanyaon shared on Running Man Philippines’ Official Group his unexpected meet-up with the casts! While on a vacation in Korea, he decided to eat at Haha’s restaurant. He shared that they were given an advise that the restaurant is only open until 8PM when it is usually opened until 4AM.

Photo from Elfed Malanyaon

Text rough translation:
“Due to a full reservation, we will only be opened until 8:00PM today. We ask for your understanding. Thank you very much.”

A hunch turned an amazing meet-and-greet opportunity!

At 8PM, guests were requested to finish their meals. Out of curiosity, Elfed decided to stay and wait for a while. The reason? He got a gut feel that Running Man members might visit the place for a dinner or shooting.

They saw a van approaching and was surprised to see Haha get out and went inside quickly. What followed took them as a surprise! Because Kim Jong Kook, Jeon So Min, Yang Se Chan, and Song Ji Hyo were also present! The two senior members – Yoo Jae Suk and Jee Seok Jin weren’t seen because they might arrive late or has prior commitments. They also got lucky to meet Lee Kwang Soo who’s a regular member during that time.

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Kuya Elfed is super nice that he gave me permission to share some photos with you!
You can check them down below:

Kim Jong Kook
Lee Kwang Soo
Yang Se Chan

They were also able to take a photo with one of Running Man’s former PD, Chul Min!

PD Chulmin

Out of all the Running Man members, they were able to see 6 and got the chance to take photo with 3 of the members! How lucky right?

Running Man casts is ready to meet their Manila fans for their fan-meeting once the Covid-19 restrictions has eased. For our fellow fans out there, let’s all stay healthy to meet the members soon!

Article Disclaimer: Photos uploaded in this article are all shared with the owner’s permission.

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This article is has been updated as of June 15, 2021.

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