LOOK: Girls’ Generation Tiffany does Mimiyuuuh’s iconic ‘Dalagang Pilipina’ pose

Girls’ Generation Tiffany do the iconic pose of Philippine internet sensation and vlogger Mimiyuuuh!

On October 29, a PH Sone under @iamparksooyoung twitter account shared a photo of Tiffany doing Mimiyuuuh’s Dalagang Pilipina pose. This was taken during Tiffany’s Magnetic Moon Van Tour.

According from @iamparksooyoung, she and her friends @bunnybear_23, @P_i_a_n_o_f_f, @anievee, and @iamurbaeby03 taught Tiffany the iconic pose and Tiffany said, as long as it doesn’t have any bad meaning she is willing to do it. And yes she did it in the cutest way mga bes!

Check out the twitter post below:

The tweet gained attention from Ph Sones and was retweeted by many. Some made memes which leads Mimiyuuuh to notice the post.

Mimiyuuuh who is also a PH Sone noticed one particular tweet and retweeted it at the same time.

It is always fancy seeing this two iconic personality in one frame!

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