Running Man’s Jong Kook calls Ji Hyo ‘Wife’

Running Man‘s latest episode had us all cracked up and gushing over Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. The two, also known as the ‘Spartace’ couple were already being teased by Se Chan and Haha throughout the first episodes for the year.

The episode referred to as The Great War of Money – the member with the most money gets to win. They will be given missions to get a startup money to proceed on the next missions.

The new mission is to earn 1 million won (approx. $1000) of play money. The first to earn the said amount will get to leave first. Jong Kook wins the targeted amount first.

However, upon Jong Kook’s departure, Haha used a special ‘card’ in order to steal half of Jong Kook’s money. Jong Kook was not able to leave because of Haha’s betrayal.

The only remaining members were Ji Hyo, Se Chan, Haha and Jong Kook when everyone gets to fulfill the task. While Ji Hyo was taking her turn, Haha jokingly called Ji Hyo as hyung soo (sister-in-law) which made everyone around laugh.

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Ji Hyo surprisingly succeeded the task, Haha and Se Chan was rejoicing to their ‘sister-in-law’s’ success. They were all deciding how to divide the excess money but Jong Kook stood up and called Ji Hyo, ‘yeobo’ (an endearment term for married Korean couples).

The crews were even laughing to the situation and made the two casts laughing. Se Chan even said, “He called her yeobo, we can’t beat that.” Giving up the chance to get the excess $300 of Ji Hyo.

After laughing out with her fellow casts, Ji Hyo then gives out her excess $300 to her yeobo Jong Kook.

She left for the next mission leaving the three guys still stuck on the same mission. Jong Kook only needs $200 left, while both Haha (with $500) and Se Chan are still in line to try the task.

Running Man members are set to hold their first Asia tour for this year.

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