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10 Running Man Moments Featuring Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo has finally reached his finish line as he steps down on SBS’ long time variety program, Running Man. It is revealed that the actor will take a break to recover from the injury he received from a car accident. Fans around the world were completely in shock with the sudden news but wished the actor a quick recovery.

Of course, we will definitely miss seeing him on Running Man but as we bid farewell to Kwang Soo on our variety screens, here are some of our favorite moments of him as member of the said show.

Lee Kwang Soo on Running Man

Lee Kwang Soo joined the Running Man cast as one of its original members when the first episode aired on July 11, 2010. Kwang Soo looked dapper in his red suit attracting attention from the rest of the casts due to his height.

From then, his career as an actor-turned-comedian (if you know what we mean!) has begun!

1. Earning the title “Giraffe”

Kwang Soo is often dubbed as giraffe (girin in Korean) because of his height. Because of this, his fans all over the world has sent him multiple giraffe related gifts!

He once encounter his brother during one of their international trips!

2. Prince of Asia Reign

Running Man members were indeed one of the most popular Korean variety stars globally. The members all share their spotlight to fame but Kwang Soo is considered one of the most popular among the members! He earned the nickname Prince of Asia due to his incredible popularity and fans from fellow Asian countries!

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3. Visiting Dad’s Place

This might be one of the episodes from the program that took Kwang Soo and everyone by surprise. Back in 2013, the members were gathered to a furniture shop as part of their mission, turns out, it was owned by Lee Kwang Soo’s father! The members weren’t convinced at first as they thought he was even joking!

It was a funny reunion for father and son as Kwang Soo immediately reported Jong Kook to his dad!

4. Lee Kwang Soo as Kwangvatar

On some instances, the members get to become superheroes with their unique costumes….and then there’s Kwangvatar. Who obviously caught so much attention from the general crowd as he completes his mission!

5. Getting Teased by Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo has this irreplaceable funny bond between them! We’ll definitely miss Jae Suk cutting him off mid-sentence. No matter you know them or not, watching few clips of the them will surely lead you to giggles! And maybe…binge-watching the duo too!

6. Brotherly Fight with Kim Jong Kook

The word spy is the most heaviest task in Running Man and Kwang Soo is the most accused spy together with Jae Suk. His cheating antics and dirty plays made Jong Kook to doubt and accuse him whenever there’s a spy throughout the episode. However, there are some adorable scenes between these two guys whenever they team up with each other.

7. The Betrayers Club

Pil! Chok! Cross! This iconic line consisting of Seok Jin and Kwang Soo is known to everyone as the motto of easy brothers. Nonstop betrayals happen when the Oldest Hyung and Tallest Maknae teams up. They are sometimes joined by Haha who is also known as one of the most hilarious betrayer in the show! There are countless of times that Kwang Soo gets a taste of his own betrayal medicine too!

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8. Maknae Squad

Initially, Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki were the maknaes of the team. When Joong Ki left, Kwang Soo was all alone as the youngest member. He was joined by Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan making them the makne squad! The three members also joined forces during the show’s 9th anniversary when they perform a song during their first ever Korean fan-meeting.

9. Kwang Mong

Song Ji Hyo holds a special place as one of Kwang Soo’s cherished noona. The two are definitely a delight to watch showing a typical brother-sister relationship. Fans always recall a touching scene where they comfort and rely on each other showing their lovely bond on screen.

10. Reel to Real with Sunbin!

Actress Lee Sun Bin visited Running Man in 2017 when she went on a cute date with Kwang Soo! She made Kwang Soo’s heart flutter when she described him as his ideal man — making our cute girin lovestruck! Toward the episode’s last scene, Kwang Soo even joke around that they indeed started dating! Fast forward to 2019, the couple became real! They’ve been dating since 2018!

BONUS #1: Singer Kwang Soo

We all know how Kwang Soo is confident with his singing skills whenever he is handed over a karaoke mic. He even sang his favorite song, Lee Bum Soo’s Missing You with EXO’s D.O last 2016.

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And how can we forget when he took us to the Jungle last 2020! Surely one of the most iconic covers of In the Jungle!

BONUS #2: Coming Back After An Injury

This is primarily the main reason why Kwang Soo decided to leave the show. However, watching this lovely reunion can make you appreciate him more! Even with crutches, he was so thrilled to be reunited with fellow members. (Not gonna lie, I teared up watching this scene!)

Every Runners will definitely miss you, Kwang Soo!

Of course, there are numerous memories that we would like to squeeze in this post, but it will definitely make us cry our eyes out here. Numerous penalties, being unluckiest of them all, and his heartwarming bond with fellow members and guests, we can really say that Kwang Soo is one of a kind! His tall figure is something we will definitely miss in our streaming screens.

We are so happy and emotional to send you off, but we know its for the best! Thank you for bringing endless laughter to our lips whenever anyone of us feel down. You’ve done a great job! And of course, spending 11 years with you and the rest of the members is something we will forever keep in our hearts. We will keep on running and cheer for you, our one and only, Lee Kwang Soo!

Take it easy and we hope to see you again. #9012 FOREVER!~

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