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LOOK: SHINEE’s Minho Reunites With Sian From ‘The Return of Superman’!

In case you missed it bes, SHINEE’s Minho had a quick reunion with Lee Sian whom he shared a fun time on the program, The Return of Superman.

Sian’s mom, Lee Su Jin shared this lovely photo few days ago in her Instagram account:

Lee Sian is the fifth and only son of soccer player, Lee Dong Gook. Sian is mostly known for his nickname, Daebak Sian throughout their stay in the program. He has 2 pair of twin sisters, Jaesi and Jaeah, and Sua and Seola. Their stay in the variety show allowed them to meet outstanding samchons as their playmates throughout the day.

One of them is SHINEE’s Minho! The kids were quick to warm up with Minho back then due to his warm personality. He even bring them for a quick training at SM Entertainment!

Minho also joined Sian as his chaperone for a trip to Mt. Paektu back in January 2019.

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Prior his enlistment back in 2019, he also never forgot to visit Sian’s family to bid temporary farewells!

Lee Dong Gook‘s family left the program back in 2019 while Minho is enlisted. Luckily, the year 2021 is a good year for reunions as Sian was able to meet his Uncle Minho for a long time!

We are hoping that Minho can be an outstanding father in the future!

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