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18 Reasons Why BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is dubbed as the ‘King of K-Pop’

G-Dragon – King of K-Pop. That’s it. That’s the whole point of this article.

How do we describe someone as a King? Is it based on his regal status? Influence? Wide supporters? Or is it based on his hard work that let his kingdom shine that everyone gets to respect him?

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been widely known as the ‘King of K-Pop‘ due to his efforts to let the Korean music industry be known globally through his hit songs.

If you are not familiar on who he is and why he is considered as such, check out these 18 reasons!

1. More than 150 songs written by him

From BIGBANG’s top hits of Fantastic Baby, Bang Bang Bang, Lies, and Haru-Haru, GD did the writing and producing of his group’s songs. Some of his catchy solo hits are Crayon, One of a Kind, Coup d’Etat, and Untitled, 2014 were also written and produced by him!

His most recent written song is BIGBANG’s Flower Road:

2. Fans = VIPs that needs to experience the best!

Whenever BIGBANG goes on tour, GD’s main priority is their fans, the VIPs. He always make sure that VIPs attending their concert or one of his solo concerts get to cherish the moment and have a fun night with him or his group!

g-dragon king of kpop with fans
Credits from G-Dragon’s Facebook Page.
3. A certified TRENDSETTER.

G-Dragon has partnered with some of the luxurious brands, particularly Chanel and Louis Vuitton! He loves playing with fashion as he usually sets the trends to South Korea. Due to his love for fashion and style, he established his own brand PEACEMINUSEONE. He also worked with Nike with the release of his limited edition shoes, Paranoise.

Just G-Dragon as King of K-Pop thingz~

g-dragon, king of kpop as fashion icon part 1
GD graces the 2015 PFW |
g-dragon, king of kpop as fashion icon part 2
GD poses for PFW2018 |
g-dragon, king of kpop as fashion icon part 3
Back at 2020 PFW |
4. A well-mannered sunbaenim

G-Dragon is well known in the industry for his good manners. One thing that makes him unique from all other idols out there is his 90 degrees complete bow to anyone he meets! Even if you are a junior or fellow senior K-Pop group, expect a half-bow from him during your first meeting! A truly King move.

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Image result for gdragon bow gif
5. Expressive through art

From writing music, designing clothes and stylish accessories, GD also loves to paint and draw. Sometimes, his public Instagram profile shows his interest in art, and he even shares some of his creation on his Instagram as well.

gd and his artworks = king things!
From GD’s Instagram

He even hosted an exhibit before enlisting in the army to showcase some of his artworks under Untitled 2017 Exhibit in Taipei earlier this year. Some of his merchandise priced at $200 were sold quickly!

Image result for g dragon art exhibition 2019
6. A devoted son and reliable brother

Most K-Pop idols share their humble beginnings how their families financially struggled before they debuted as a K-Pop idol. Even though GD were a little private about his family life, he never forgets to share his love for his family! He loves to take his parents to his concerts whenever possible.

Image result for g dragon family
from Dami Kwon’s Instagram.

He also bought them a building in Jeju! While her older sister, Dami, previously worked for his brand, PEACEMINUSONE and has started her own line, WE11DONE.

Image result for dolce vita g dragon house
G Dragon’s Pension house in Jeju
7. His songs break RECORDS!

Most songs by G-Dragon are usually in the charts during their releases! Some of the famous songs that reached number 1 were Tonight, Monster, and Bang Bang Bang. Additionally, most of the songs from his group’s albums were on charts during their releases. Then, most of their songs published on YouTube have been viewed for more than 5 Billion times!

Remember this 2012 hit? Yep, he also wrote this song with fellow member, T.O.P:

8. Overshadowing is not part of his dictionary

G-Dragon loves helping junior artists to become more well-known in the music industry. He thought both iKON and Winner group members during Mix & Match and WIN: Who is Next shows. He once guested with Taeyang at Infinite Challenge and was partnered with ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee for the variety show’s annual music festival. Both G-Dragon and Taeyang helped Kwang Hee shine during this phase!

You can check their performance here:

9. A good group leader

BIGBANG has been recognized globally as one of the most influential K-Pop groups out there. Even though his group and members were faced with numerous scandals from the past, G-Dragon as an individual and as BIGBANG’s leader made sure they will overcome it!

kings of kpop
From GD’s Instagram
10. Reminisces his humble beginnings

GD always remembers the struggle he had faced during his early trainee years. Sometimes, he even gets emotional whenever he remembers it and is still in awe that he is now one of the most successful artists in the world!

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Check out this video of him before debuting to BIGBANG:

11. Fan service + GD = HEARTS MELTED

Fan service will never get lost to GD’s vocabulary. He loves interacting and he appreciates his VIPs so much! If lucky, he agrees for selfies and accept their gifts for him! He is also known for reading every fan letters he received!

12. Got a good singing voice too!

GD has been writing and singing songs not only to express his passion for music, but to also let everyone hear his voice! He knows how to explore different music genres. Basically, GD can sing and rap!

Have you ever heard his voice singing live? Parang kinain lang ‘yong CD eh!

13. He is perfectionist

G-Dragon is also famous for being one of the perfectionist Korean male artists out there. He even admitted that sometimes, he doesn’t listen to his old songs anymore as he might find errors from it!

Check out this video of him working with Park Bom:

14. He’s selfless.

GD usually prioritizes his fans and members rather than focusing on himself. He loves keeping his fans entertained through his music and sometimes, variety show appearances. Sometimes, even though he is not feeling well, he still keeps himself motivated to work and meet his fans all over the world.

Related image
15. Loves to give back to those in need.

Most K-Pop groups donate to different charities to give back from the success they received over the years. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is also well-known for being one of the charitable performers out there. He has donated more than $500,000 to different charities throughout his music career!

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He once visited a little child sharing the same name as him who suffers an illness and spent the day with him!

Related image
16. He can sing, rap, and ACT!

G-Dragon can rap, sing, do variety shows, and even act! If you can all remember, G-Dragon is a huge fan of Infinite Challenge and has appeared to the program for many times already. He even revealed that he received offers to star on some dramas but politely declined them for he is not inclined with acting. Turns out, GD has a spark with acting too!

He’s a total performer!

17. G-Dragon knows the definition of HARDWORK.

No one can stop him from writing songs, designing clothes, and making use of anything he can see or encounter to give his fans a good memory of him! During MADE World Tour Documentary, there was this scene that he suffered a minor heatstroke while performing ‘Bae Bae’, but G-Dragon endured that incident to avoid making his fans worry.

(Mga bes, kung ‘di niyo napanood ‘yong film, ‘di niyo rin talaga mapapansin na ayon na pinagdadaanan ni GD huhu.)

18. Truly a ONE OF A KIND.

G-Dragon worked hard and deserved everything he has right now. Most junior K-Pop groups look up to him and his group as their inspiration in the Korean music industry. His talent in writing and his influence to everyone around the world can truly earn him the title of a King.

Where can you even meet someone who’s talented enough to write more than 100 songs, handle a fashion brand, and loves his fans so much, right?

Image result for g dragon smile gif

Yes, mga bes, he’s truly one of a kind and we might never meet someone like him in our lifetime!

And yes, we bow down to G-Dragon, King of K-Pop. We hope to hear your new hits anytime soon!

Related image

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