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Knowing Brothers’ casts react to Heechul’s fake dating rumor with Momo

On the August 17 episode of Knowing Brothers, the cast members didn’t miss the chance to poke fun at Heechul’s recent fake dating news with Twice’s Momo.

The show opened with the brothers discussing whether Heechul will be joining them on their filming for the day because of his recent rumor. The talking was stopped with Heechul loudly entering the room while dancing to Twice’s songs.

He was then intercepted by Kyunghoon grabbing his collar and expressing his “disappointment”. An apparent skit, which seemed to be a continuation of their “Sweet Dream” MV went on for a few moments.

Heechul ended the skit by saying to Kyunghoon, “If Hyung (really does) meet someone in the future, I’ll tell you first.”

Watch the hilarious scene below:

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