PH-VIPs are still waiting on the “Flower Road”, until whenever.

Photo Credits to: @cshxiiv

On August 19, 2019 marks the 13th anniversary of legendary boy group, BIGBANG. Fans of the iconic had prepared several events across the globe to celebrate the great 13 years of music, fashion, influence and reshaping the kpop culture – and Philippine VIPs are no exemption.

From cupsleeve events, exhibit, movie screening, and children’s party (yup, there is one), VIPs went all-out in expressing their love and longing for the second generation Kings of K-pop.

It rained official merchs, food, and goodies in a children-party event organized by Bigbang Made Us One. Fun games filled the hall with laughter, making every VIPs’ yellow hearts full.

The party revolved around reminiscing BIGBANG memories from their humble beginnings up to the world phenomenon they are right now. It was indeed a celebration of friendship, trust, and love that VIPs and BIGBANG shared over the past thirteen years.

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Photo Credits to: @cshxiiv

The party also celebrated the 31st birthday of its leader, G-Dragon a.k.a Kwon Jiyong.

PH-VIPs sang, cried, and laughed together while waving their pride – the yellow crown lighsticks.

Photo Credits to: @cshxiiv

Its no secret that BIGBANG and its fandom went through a lot – and that includes the harsh reality, imperfection, and flaws – but it is with a stronger heart that VIPs in general remain resilient. Their unwavering love for the group shall withstand any challenges.

The anniversary celebration ended with a very personal note, and a reminder that BIGBANG and VIPs will meet again when the flowers bloom.

If you miss me, come back to me,
Then you can love me again,
Go on this flower road and take a rest,
Then wait for me at that place.

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