The Rose is a Korean band formed by J&Star Company, and is composed of four members namely Kim Woo-sung, Park Do Joon, Lee Ha Joon, and Lee Jae Hyeong. The group debuted with the song “Sorry” which was released on August 3, 2017.

The Rose is now back with a new song and album called RED. Prior to the release of the group’s new song, Kim Woo Sung, also known as Sammy, released his solo album called Wolf.

Listen to them and be captivated as Sammy serenade you with his raspy and enticing voice as he sing each lines. Let the beat of Hajoon’s drums dance with the beating of your heart. While Jaehyeong and Dojoon will wrap you with the warmth of their keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar’s melody.

If you wanna know more about them please see link below for more captivating songs.

Void Album

Dawn Album

Red Album

Meanwhile, The Rose’s fans are called Black Rose which means “My Eternal Mine.”

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Do you want to watch them live and join other Black Roses as you enjoy their music? Then, you might want to help bring The Rose here in Manila! If so, click the link below to participate! There is no money involve in here, mga bes! Moreover, the money indicated on the link is for survey purposes only. Spread the word and let the world know how Black Roses wanna be RED!

MyMusicTaste – The Rose

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