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When music meets variety: Best K-pop idol episodes on Running Man

One of South Korea’s longest-running variety shows, Running Man, is renowned for its thrilling and funny challenges and an all-star cast of guests. Many K-pop idols have appeared on the show since its first episode in 2010, and each episode leaves fans with priceless memories.

In this article, we’re taking a look back at some of the best K-pop idol episodes on Running Man. Here are some of the idols who made their mark on the show.


BIGBANG has made multiple appearances on Running Man throughout the show’s run, and VIP enjoys seeing their favorite artist showcase their versatility and rapport with the Running Man cast members.

Image Source: SBS Running Man

List of episodes where BIGBANG appeared: 84, 163, 250, and 418


APINK have frequently been on Running Man and have brought with them a variety of entertaining adventures. Fans are eager to see them on Running Man once more because of their fantastic on-screen chemistry with the cast members.

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List of episodes where APINK appeared: 162, 202, 255, 344, 356, 372, 458, 467, 500, 529, 611, and many more!


EXO members demonstrated their versatility by showcasing their skills and personalities in a range of missions. The members’ funny responses and smart comebacks particularly thrilled the audience.

Image Source: SBS Running Man

List of episodes where EXO appeared: 171 and 209


As they took part in numerous tasks and games, BTS charmed and energized Running Man. The funny exchanges between the cast members and the hosts of the show were a fan favorite.

List of episodes where BTS appeared: 265, 300, and 626


TWICE members gave it their all as they eagerly and enthusiastically took on Running Man’s challenges. Fans loved the show and couldn’t stop commenting about how cute and funny the girls were throughout it.

Image Source: SBS Running Man

List of episodes where TWICE appeared: 302, 328, 398, and 428


BLACKPINK members competed against the Running Man members in a variety of missions, displaying their competitive characteristics. The audience loved the exchanges between the hosts and the idols, and the episode was full of joy and laughter.

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List of episodes where BLACKPINK appeared: 330, 409, 413, and 525

Throughout the past years, fans’ favorite Running Man episodes have featured these K-pop idol appearances. They not only highlight the many talents of these idols but also give runners an entertaining and engaging experience.

Did your favorite K-pop idol also appear on the show? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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