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#NoonaWrites: Produce X 101 (The Rookie Viewer’s Review)

Being more of a K-drama fan than K-pop, the concept of survival shows was very new to me. I have heard of it but never got the chance to see one until Lee Dong Wook decided to accept the offer to host Produce X 101. Fresh from the success of Touch Your Heart, seeing him on another project was good news to me. How can one not miss seeing him onscreen, right? Let me try this one, I told myself. After all, it was all about the host. Or so I thought.

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Watching Produce X 101  was an eye-opener for those who know little about the makings of an idol and on how a K-pop group is born. Imagine 101 hopefuls with the same dream in mind: “Help me debut.” Each trainee with his own story to tell. Each of them vying for a spot in the final line-up composed only of 11 members.

Far from the glitz and glamour, I now understand that chasing after the IDOL DREAM is pure blood, sweat and tears. Wherein, rhe exhaustive training, heavy competition and extensive selection process that they had to go through is far from being easy. Some of those who joined have even debuted before (either as a rookie idol or actor) but still hope to be known as a performer conquering the global stage.

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The show gives its viewers (better known as the National Producers) the control to select the final members and conceptualize the image of the IDOL GROUP who will debut in the conclusion of the show. Just like in other talent reality series, each week the trainees were ranked based on the votes that they get from their group performances. Additionally, routines were polished through the help of the trainers but it is mostly the hardwork and the heart-work of the contestants that will define their “survival”.

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After almost 3 months of airing, the final line-up was revealed in an emotional finale last July 19. The 4-hour show was viewed by millions of fans around the globe, all hoping that their favorites will make it in the Top 11.

Accordingly, the new group will be called X1 and after the final voting was made, these 11 hopefuls were given the chance to fulfill their IDOL DREAMS.

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From L to R: Kim Yohan (center and sub-vocal), Kim Wooseok (main vocal),
Han Seungwoo ( leader and main vocal), Song Hyungjoon (lead vocal and sub-rapper), Cho Seungyeon (lead vocal and lead rapper), Son Dongpyo (lead dancer and sub-vocal), Lee Hangyul (main dancer and sub-vocal), Nam Do Hyun (main rapper) Cha Junho (sub-vocal), Kang Minhee (lead vocal) and Lee Eunsang (sub-vocal)

Following their journey every week, the progress they all made proved that they had what it takes to make it in the Korean music scene. With a 5-year contract under their belt, more is expected from them. New song, new music video, a line-up of concert tours around the world.

Watching Produce X 101 has made me see beyond the superficial that I can’t understand before. These idols are more than their eyeliners, brightly colored hair and flashy clothes. They are dreamers whose heart is into performing. They reminded me once again that one do not succeed by simply hoping. You got to believe it. More so, you need to work  on it.

The world is your stage now X1! Embrace it.

Relive the hopeful start of these dreamers by watching their performance of the official song of Produce X 101 during its pilot episode.

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