WATCH: Lee Sung Kyoung answers some questions from the fans and media during her ‘Be Joyful’ press conference

On July 26, South Korean model-actress Lee Sung Kyoung held her press conference for her first fan meeting ‘Be Joyful’ in Manila on July 27, 2019. Her fan meeting is going to be held at SM Skydome.

The press conference was attended by the local press people, online media personnel and lucky fans. It was held at Dolphy Theater in Quezon City. It was hosted by actor Alex Diaz.

The main highlight of the press conference is the Q&A with Lee Sung Kyoung. The actress gamely answered all the questions from the fans and media personnel.

Lee Sung Kyoung was asked if which character/s in her past dramas does she relate to and which character is her favorite. The actress said “Micha? Bok Joo?” which made the fans screamed. “When i was playing Kim Bok Joo, i somehow adopted some personalities of Kim Bok Joo. With Michaela, she is a first child. In real life, i can relate to Michaela Choi.”

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Lee also shares that she didn’t had a hard time becoming an actress even though she started her career as a model.

“If there are some things to adjust when it comes to my acting skills, i try to look deep down so i can improve as an actress.” the actress-model said.

Lee Sung Kyoung was also asked if how did she prepare for the role of Kim Bok Joo. “I heard that Filipino fans loved the drama, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Thank you very much” the actress said. “Actually, i had a hard time physically to look a bit chubbier and to look like Kim Bok Joo. To fill in the character, i tried my best to understand the personality, characteristics and even the small details about Kim Bok Joo.” she added.

You can watch the full coverage of Q&A segment here:

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyoung’s first ever fan meeting here in Manila entitled ‘Be Joyful’ is happening today at the SM Skydome. Tickets are still available through SM Tickets.

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