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READ: A student’s joyful and fulfilling 6 months with Annyeong Oppa as a content writer

Christmas break was soon to end. Second and the last semester of mine in grade 12 was getting nearer. I was trying to make my Sunday a normal day—attending mass, chitchatting with my family, and scrolling through my Facebook feed.

January 13, 2019. It will always be a special day to me. It was that day when I’ve finally got all the courage to answer the content writer application form posted by Annyeong Oppa. I felt nervous by that time because I’ve been a fan of Annyeong Oppa for almost or more than a year. “Oh, I’m going to send my application form to my favorite.”

On the same day, I’ve received an email coming from them, saying; “Annyeong Oppa invited you to contribute to Annyeong Oppa.” Followed by the terms and conditions, tips and techniques in writing, and more.

I won’t deny the fact that I got stunned at that moment. In fact, I even asked myself; “Is this really for real?” My heart beat so fast. Butterflies were all over my stomach. I felt so grateful and I still am.

First article

Then, I’ve decided to write my first article as an official content writer of Annyeong Oppa. It was titled INFINITE Bags a Spot on Boy Group Band Reputation; Still Slaying After 8 Years. All the excitement, happiness, fulfillment, and gratefulness were felt and experienced by me.

On January 14, my article has finally been published. First article and first mistake I’ve made. Instead of “brand” on the title, I’ve written “band”. However, what made that mistake so special is the fact that no one got made on me. I can still remember that I’ve even received an encouragement.

So, I told myself that I’ll work harder and do my best with all my heart. I always make sure to give credits to the photo, video, or article sources. Additionally, I always try to spot the weaknesses and strengths on my article before and after it has been published.

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Despite the fact that I’m also busy with school activities and other commitments, I keep on finding time to write. It seems like it has been part of my daily living. There’s something more about it that keeps my heart warm.


Annyeong Oppa doesn’t just focus on fangirling; this team also targets to share feels, help, encourage, reach others, send joy, and be a platform where you can grow. There are deeper and big goals behind it that I really love.

To tell the truth, they are all warm, kindhearted, generous, and hardworking individuals. I’ve never felt out of place. Every single thing that other members do are being appreciated by them.

Saying that, I was allowed to enhance my writing skills. On the other hand, I was also given the chance to grow as an individual; that growth that gives me peace, contentment, happiness, and grateful heart. They are not just just my idols but my role model as well.

First invitation to attend a Korean related event

February 15, 2019. I received a message coming from our founder, Ms. Angeline de Leon. She asked me if I want to go to the K-Pop Friendship Concert. So, they’ll list my name as a representative in the event.

Sadly, no matter how happy and excited my heart was; I needed to decline the invitation. It should have been my first K-related event and concert; so near from seeing one of my favorite idols. However, the event place is so far and I have classes on that day.

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I smiled and told myself, “Maybe, there’ll be next time?” Afterwards, I focused much on writing to share my articles to others, hand a little help, and enjoy what I’m doing.

So Ji Sub’s Hello Fan Meeting in Manila

February 24, 2019. Finally, I got a new invitation! You might not believe it but I really cried upon being told to wait for our co-founder’s message regarding So Ji Sub in Manila.

February 28, it has been confirmed that I’ll be attending the fan meet. I really don’t know how to thank them. Last December 2019, I felt heartbroken when I heard the news that one of my favorite Korean actor in coming to Manila. So near to giving up; then, this blessing came to me.

March 16. The moment I’ve seen So Ji Sub on stage, I couldn’t help myself but to cry. It was so memorable and special. When I got home, I kept on telling my mom what happened on the event and how deeply happy I am.

Subsequently, I’ve also met Ate Anj, her mom, Inang, my fellow fans, and other influencers.

Bae Jin Young’s I’M YOUNG Fan Meeting in Manila

May 18. Bae Jin Young’s fan meeting sets as my second fan meeting to attend to. The happiness I’ve felt on that night is no joke. Who wouldn’t love being on that moment with him? He has shown us his sweet, thoughtful, kind, and hardworking sides.

So thankful to Annyeong Oppa for the opportunity given to me. No expectations. It just came to me.

Seo Kang Jun in Manila Press Conference

May 24. Personally, this press conference of Seo Kang Jun is my most favorite event that I’ve attended so far. Before the press con, I kept on telling myself not to get too excited. Seo Kang Jun is one of my favorite Korean actors and I couldn’t help myself not to look forward on the press con day.

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Moreover, as a campus journalist, being present on that event means a lot to me as well. Although I cannot describe how happy I am, I can definitely say that this will always be a great opportunity for me.

Can you clearly see him looking on my camera? Such a great moment to say that, “God will give us more than what we deserve.”


June 26. I’ve been given the opportunity to be an editor of Annyeong Oppa. I’ve never thought of being here but they’ve given me the trust and chance which I treasure so much.

6 Months with Annyeong Oppa

Being part of Annyeong Oppa has never been a hindrance for me to do good in school. In fact, it turned out to be my inspiration, strength, and happiness. Wherein, it has never been so tiring and hard for me to do things with them.

All the team members of Annyeong Oppa have taught me how to be contented, do things with passion, and acknowledge my life purpose. Additionally, there are even deeper things and lessons I’ve got from them.

I would like to thank Ms. Anj, Ms. Joey, and Ms. Jess for believing in me. Even now, I can’t still believe it that I’m officially part of Annyeong Oppa. Thank you for the love, care, opportunity, encouragement, and everything you’ve done for me and the rest of our team. I won’t get tired of saying that all of you are God’s blessings to me; and I am thankful to Him for all of these.

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