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5 Reasons Why Watching K-Dramas Helps You Wait For The Right Person

You may still be single for various reasons and watching K-Dramas helps you wait for the right person. This may not be true to all but here's why it helps to watch K-Dramas if you're still single and waiting to mingle.

In this era, it seems to be very surprising for a woman in her late twenties to remain single. More so, if you have a stable career, a good personality and/or a pretty face. You will always be asked with questions like “Single ka pa rin?”, “Choosy ka kasi ata eh”, “Kailan mo balak magboyfriend?”. And if they know that you are into K-Drama, statements like these will follow: “Puro ka kasi Oppa”, “Kakanood mo yan ng K-Drama eh”, “Koreano kasi ata gusto mo”, “Oppa na kasi standards mo”, etc.

Hearing those statements over and over again can be irritating sometimes. And there are times that it would lead you to question yourself with “Pangit ba ako?” (read in Liza Soberano’s voice), “Hindi ba ako ka-jowa jowa?”, “May kulang ba sakin?”.

You may still be single for various reasons and watching K-Dramas helps you wait for the right person. This may not be true to all but here’s why it helps to watch K-Dramas if you’re still single and waiting to mingle.

1. K-Drama keeps you busy.

Usually there are two ways on how you watch a series — as marathon-er or as episode-r. A ‘marathon-er’ finishes a completed drama for 16 to 24 hours depending on the number of chapters also known as binge-watcher. An ‘episode-r’ is okay with watching a K-Drama one or two episode a day. Either way, watching a K-Drama consumes that extra time that you have. So instead of thinking about you being single, watching K-Drama lets you set aside that thought. Sa sobrang busy mo kakanood, nakakalimutan mo na din minsan na single ka. Time nga matulog kulang na rin eh.

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2. K-Drama gives you 100+ oppa(deul)

Admit it. Even though you have an ultimate K-Drama oppa, you can’t help but look into other oppa out there — from male lead to second lead and even supporting actors! None of these oppadeul can miss your eagle eyes. Single? At least you have your oppa who fills in that longing in you (at the moment). Although sometimes, there’s a possibility that we pattern our standard to our Korean oppadeul thus, making it hard for us to screen our potential partners in real life.

3. K-Drama satisfies you with kilig.

No date during Valentine’s day or any other celebrations? Don’t worry! K-Drama can awaken your love cells as proven and tested by so many fans out there. From small and subtle interactions of the love teams to intense scenes (ehem kissing scene! ehem bed scene! ehem!) K-Drama serves you with overflowing feels and kilig. It makes your insides twisting with butterflies that sometimes you tend to forget that you’re single. Seeing those love teams makes you feel like you’re already in a relationship.

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4. K-Drama lets you experience the pain.

Aside from the kilig that a K-Drama gives you, it also let you experience the pain that it’s characters are going through. By watching K-Dramas, you get to realize that love isn’t an instant thing where everything will be smooth all throughout. Minsan feeling mo ikaw yung nakipagbreak. There will be ups and downs, and making rush decisions without much thinking can cause you pain. How to move on from a K-Drama heartache, bes?

So in real life, you’re not in a hurry to be committed to someone. You take your time to wait for the right person at the right moment and love him for the right reason.

5. K-Drama teaches you to be patient and that waiting has an end.

As a K-Drama fan, your patience is always tested — when you wait for the leads to confess their feelings to each other, for the justice to be served, for the truth to come out, waiting for the english subs, etc. But it also teaches you that waiting has an end. It may be a short series or a 50-episode drama, at least you know that it will end. Just like your waiting game for the right person to come into your life, no matter how long have you been waiting, it will end at the right time. May epilogue pa!

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So for all the single K-Drama fans out there, don’t be sad if you haven’t met the right person yet. K-Dramas are here for you! Besides, being single is awesome! Hugs!

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