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The cast of new Korean variety show are spotted filming in Boracay

The cast of the newest variety show 'Cabin Crew' (Korean title '비행기타거가요') are spotted filming in Boracay,  Philippines!

The cast of the newest Korean variety show ‘Cabin Crew’ (Korean title ‘비행기타거가요’) are spotted filming in Boracay, Philippines!

On January 22, Subo Filipino restaurant in Boracay posted photos of the cast while enjoying delectable meal served before them. In photos are Shin Hyun Joon, 2AM’s Jeong Jin Woon, DIA’s Ki Hui Hyeon, Girl’s Day Yura and Hwang Je Seong.

The team are in the Philippines to film the upcoming reality show ‘Cabin Crew’. They were also spotted in Manobo Grill.

Other photos were also shared by Shin Hyun Joon on his Instagram account.

The ‘Cabin Crew’ documents the works and lives of the celebrities who become flight attendant and part of the cabin crew. The main cast icludes Shin Hyun Joon, Hwang Je Seong, Girl’s Day Yura and 2AM’s Jeong Jin Woon.

The show premieres on January 26.

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