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Look: Former ‘The Return Of Superman’ Kids + How Grown Up Are They Now

The ‘The Return Of Superman’ is a South Korean reality show that started in 2013. Celebrity dads are left to take care of their children for 48 hours. It is well-loved by viewers because of the overflowing cuteness of the kids and their adorable moments with their dads. It feels like we are taking care of them too.

But as time flies, they grow up and eventually needs to leave the show. Thus, we listed some of the former ‘TROS Kids’ that we miss and how grown up are they now.

Choo Sarang
Lee Seojun and Lee Seoeun
Uhm Ji On
Oh Seo Heun
Lee Da Eul and Lee So Eul
Jang Junu and Jang Junseo
Song Mingguk , Song Manse, Song Daehan

So who among them do you miss?

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