Must visit places in Busan, South Korea

Annyeong Oppa is privileged to be invited by Korea Tourism Organization-Manila and Busan Tourism Organization for Busan Familiarization Tour to promote Busan Tourism together with other social media influencers from the Philippines. It is an all-expense paid trip! How cool is that?

Aside from the Philippines, Korea Tourism Organization also invited other on-line influencers from Malaysia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Russia.

Our fangirling feels made us dreamt of traveling to South Korea-the Land of Oppas, specifically in Seoul because of its popularity but our dream destination is not just a home of our beloved Oppas but also a home of breath-taking views, stunning sceneries and delicious sea foods.

Busan is Korea’s second most-populous city next to Seoul. It is also called the Summer Capital of Korea since it attracts tourists from all over the country to its six beaches.
Most of us only heard Busan because of the hit zombie movie Train to Busan. But believe me, this city has a lot to offer and I’ll be sharing with you the tourist spots that we visited for four days.

1. Jagalchi Market

Our first stop is at Jagalchi Market where we had our lunch. This market is Korea’s largest sea food market, selling sorts of both live and dried fish. Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the vendors here are called Jagalchi Ajumma. Busan is a massive seaport so a fish market is definitely a place you should visit to get a feel for the lifestyle that the Busan locals live. There is an indoor and outdoor section of the market and you can find many seafood restaurants and buffets. We were overwhelmed by the various types of fish that was served to us. It was so delicious!
Location: 52-Jagalchichaean-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Our first meal in Busan!


After our luscious lunch, we walked through Arirang Street and BIFF Square (Busan International Film Festival) where you can see various shops that sell traditional crafts and souvenirs, various items with images of our KPop idols, famous street foods and many more.
Location: 58-1 Gudeok-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

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4. The Bay 101

Busan Tourism Organization hosted a dinner party held at The Bay 101 to formally welcome us for this Mega Fam Tour. The Bay 101 is located in a culture and art complex in Haeundae, attracting many visitors to the area because of the beautiful night scape that it offers. This is the time that we were able to meet the participants from other countries. Officers from Busan Metropolitan and Busan Tourism Organization gave speech and we had a little chit-chat with other participants while having our dinner. Before closing, they also draw a raffle and fortunately, I won a 1-day accommodation at Shilla Stay at Haeundae. Well, I guess I have a reason to go back in Busan. 😊
Location: 52 Dongbaek-ro, U-dong, Haeundae, Busan South Korea

With me, Chloé from The Saranghae Oppa, Actress Ella Cruz and vlogger AC.

Night view outside The Bay 101

5. Haedong Yonggung Temple

For our second day, we went to Haedong Yonggung Temple. This is also one of the country’s best spot. Once you reached the highest peak of the temple, you can enjoy the beautiful sight of mountain and ocean waves crashing over rocks.
Location: 86 Yonggung-gil, Gijang-eup, Gijang, Busan, South Korea

6. Busan Tower

For our third day, we went first to Busan Tower. The Tower stands at 69 meters above sea level and towering at 120 meters it has a good view of the city. Definitely this is the city’s major landmark. However, our tour guide told us that it is best to visit here at night.
Location: 37-30 Yongdusan-gil, Gwangbokdong 2 (i)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea

Group photo with the team from Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Russia.

7. Museum of Movies and Trick-eye Museum

Busan Museum of Movies features exhibitions on the history of movies, cinema technologies such as film production and virtual reality. There are activities here like making your own short movie and experiencing virtual reality. Located at the 2nd floor of the Busan Museum of Movies is the Trick Eye Museum. This is the only 3D art experience hall in Busan. You can get cool photos and videos of yourself by downloading the Trick Eye App and see how the 3D optical illusion paintings move.
Location: Jung-gu, Daecheong-ro 126beon-gil, 12, Busan, South Korea

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You can get cool photos and videos of yourself by downloading the Trick Eye App and see how the 3D optical illusion paintings move!

8. Gamcheon Culture Village

After our fun morning, we had our lunch in a nearby restaurant and then we headed to Gamcheon Culture Village.
Tourists can rent traditional Korean clothes and roam around the Village then at the Haneul Maru Tourist Info Center and Observatory, you can buy a map for 2,000 won that will lead you to the highlights of Gamcheon Village. There are 8 designated spots including galleries, shops, little museum and coffee shop where you can collect stamps and once completed, you can trade it for a prize back at the information center.
You’ll have an eyegasm once you see the beautiful work of art houses painted under the theme “Dreaming Busan Machu Picchu”. Artists added their artistic touch to every alley, walls, homes, streets and businesses in Gamcheon. No wonder this is tagged as the most artistic and colorful spot in Busan.
Location: South Korea, Busan, Saha-gu, Gamcheon-dong, 10-13

The colorful Machu Picchu of Busan

One of the most photographed wall in Gamcheon Culture Village

9. Songdo Marine Cable Car

Then we headed to our next destination, Songdo Marine Cable Car (Busan Air Cruise). We rode a crystal cabin, a cable car that has transparent floor. The price of this cabin is different from a regular cabin but it’s worth every won because you’ll be able to see every side of the beautiful beach of Songdo.
Location: 620-27 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan South Korea

10. Beomosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple is considered one of the three major temples in southeast Korea, along with Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. This is the last place that we visited for the 4-day Mega Fam Tour. It is not included in our itinerary but since we still have time before our departure back in the Philippines, our tour guide decided to bring us here so that we could see the changing of colors of the trees. She said it is the best time to visit the temple to see the colorful trees and we did not regret going here. It was beautiful! Indeed, autumn is the best season to visit Korea.

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Location: 250 Beomeosa-ro, Cheongnyongnopo-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

I gained a lot in this trip. I gained new experiences and learnings about the culture of one of my favorite country. I gained new friends – AC, Chloè and Ella, My Busan Family Mae, as what we call our group. I’m thankful for them because this trip has been so fun because of them. Endless laughter from morning ’til dawn.

I gained weight! LOL Seriously, one of the best sea foods that I’ve tasted is in Busan.

Also, I’m thankful for KTO and BTO for providing us the best travel agency, the Busanmate.

They gave us their best tour guide, Jeong Eomma as what we call her because on our first day, she told us that we can call her Eomma (mother) because she will be our mother while we are in Busan. True enough, she fulfilled what she said. We never felt hungry, uncomfortable and she even brought winter clothes for our team so we won’t be cold. How sweet! ❤

So if you guys are planning to visit Busan, I suggest, get Busanmate’s service so you will have a worry-free travel.

This trip wouldn’t be possible without Korea Tourism Organization-Manila and Busan Tourism Organization who invited us and sponsored this trip. Again, thank you very much for inviting Annyeong Oppa!

You want to know more about South Korea? Visit KTO-Manila’s facebook page

Mga bes, we hope somehow, we inspired you to visit Busan, South Korea. Add this on your bucket list.
Experience Korea, Visit Korea!

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