Ma’am Chief Media Con: A unique all-in-one movie with a strong ensemble of Filipino and Korean stars combined!

Pulp Studios is launching its first-ever movie with Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul! 

A brainchild of producer Happee Sy-Go and director Kring Kim, screenwriter Sofia Hazel Calayag made the movie to life. 

About Ma’am Chief

The movie tells the story of policewoman and fangirl Selda Kaptan, who goes on an undercover mission to Korea. She disguises herself as a tour guide to apprehend a dangerous fugitive. While in Seoul, she meets various people who will add more flavor to the film.

Theatrical Poster / Courtesy of PULP Studios

Last Friday, November 10, the Annyeong Oppa Team was invited to a media fest featuring the cast and key people behind Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul! It was a refreshing experience to see both Filipino and Korean stars collaborate on this upcoming film!

A film that the Korean fandom community can relate 

As per Inang Happee Sy-Go, the movie is a “representation of the K-Pop community.” Selda Kaptan is described as a joyful person to whom most K-Pop and K-Drama fans can relate! Some of the events and characters included in this film were all based on real-life encounters that Inang Happee has experienced with her 14 years of expertise handling various Korean acts in the country.

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Impeccable collaboration between Filipino and Korean stars

Despite the language barrier, both Filipino and Korean stars involved in this film take pride in their harmonious relationship on set. Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, who takes the titular role, even shared that she’s very amazed at Koreans’ work ethic. 

“Doon sa Korea, 8-10 hours lang yung shooting. Kasama pa ang lunch doon. Sobrang disciplined talaga nila.” says Melai. 

On the Korean side, actor Do Ji Han expressed that he had a lot of laughs shooting the film because of the happy energy he received! He even mentioned that Melai makes him laugh a lot! 

Furthermore, the cast beyond the film showed their enthusiasm and expressed their dedication to portraying their roles in the film. Of course, the audience can anticipate a lot of laughter and kiligs as they watch the movie.

Melai and Gabrielle Choi even teased the media present with their iconic Hongkakiri Dance which was well received by netizens. 

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A reality check with our police officers 

Portraying the roles of policewomen, Karylle, who plays Olga, and Jennica Garcia as Joy shared their experience wearing the uniforms! 

As per Karylle, she has a strong admiration and utmost respect for the policewomen, because running around in tight uniforms and mid-heel shoes is no joke! They realized that every piece of equipment found in a police officer’s uniform bears weight and that if you’re not trained to be an officer, this experience might be uncomfortable. 

Nevertheless, the two actresses trained a lot to star alongside Melai, wherein the trio are all part of the police force. 

An international action-comedy film that you shouldn’t miss out!

True enough, Ma’am Chief is a Filipino-Korean movie that one shouldn’t miss! The passion and effort the crew has poured into this movie is a testament that this film is good! Actually, this film should be on your watch list if you’re looking for an amusing film that you can connect to as a K-Pop and K-drama fan.

Cast of Ma’am Chief

Also, it’s a great opportunity to be enthusiastic and start watching at the cinemas once again! 

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Remember mga bes, Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul will premiere on November 15, 2023. 

Better not miss it and join Selda Kaptan and her crew on a memorable journey in Seoul! 

Watch our event highlights here:

Special thanks to PULP Studios for the invite.

Featured Image from @mrandmrsfrancisco Instagram.

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