Park Seo Joon shares his thoughts on acting, his ideal vacation and what advice he’d give his 18 year-old self

It’s been almost a month since Park Seo Joon met his Filo fans again with a fun meet made in partnership with IAm Worldwide and Wilbros Live.

Before his big event at the Big Dome, he met the members of the media for a short press conference hosted by the lovely Sam Oh.

Dashing in a cream-colored coordinated outfit, he appeared in the venue with a shy smile yet enough to bring everyone in attendance melt in kilig! His presence screams SUPERSTAR, a MARVEL-ous one that is. He granted a quick photo time before answering selected questions from the press.

“It’s been a while and I’m glad to be able to greet you once again. This is Park Seo Joon.”

He’s a man of few words (possibly still feeling overwhelmed in front a big crowd) but his charm can be felt in every corner of the room.

He talked about a myriad of things in a short span of time, appreciating his fans (and how he loves seizing opportunities to meet them), his memorable trip to Cebu a few years back (Yes, he had probably tasted Lechon Cebu before!) and how acting still remains a top priority for him.

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“The thing that I love the most doing and I’m happy the most doing is acting. So at the moment, I haven’t thought about trying other endeavors yet.” He is passionate with his craft and his notable roles from the projects he starred in, can speak on how effective of an actor he is. With a Hollywood film under his portfolio now, we can expect bigger things to come from Park Seo Joon.


This question made him stop and ponder for a while, perhaps making him look back on how life is before and how it has immensely changed since then.

“If I would remember myself during those years, I was having a very hard time because I really had a vague future. But if I have a chance to give an advice to my 18yo self, I would love to say that if you just do your best, everything will workout. However, even though everything will workout, I hope you will never lose your own self.”

It was one of those questions that revealed how profound he is in dealing with his success, the one he earned by giving his best and the one he never once thought of having. He’s very admirable for saying this, giving another reason to love him more.

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For most of us, it is having a jampacked itinerary of must-do’s and must visit spots but for Park Seo Joon, the most important vacation is the one that allows a person to empty his/her mind. With his very busy schedule, enjoying a vacation is a luxury for him.

“It will be best for me to have a vacation where I get to empty my mind and have some free time for myself.”

He also shared during the interview that he got to visit Cebu a few years back. Hope he decides to come back again soon (and perhaps bring the whole Wooga Squad with him?)

His time with the press was short and sweet but he shared his profound thoughts by giving simple yet straightforward replies to the questions thrown at him. He’s grateful for the amount of support from his Filipino fans and extends his huge thanks to IAm Worldwide for creating the opportunity to get closer to them once again.

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What’s next for Park Seo Joon? He currently stars as Prince Yan in The Marvels and will grace the small screen once again with Han So Hee in Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature.

It’s been close to a month and we already miss him. The Philippines will always welcome you back, PSJ! We hope to see you again next time.

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