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AO Exclusive: The King’s Affection casts reveals what fans can expect on the series!

The King’s Affection is arriving to our Netflix screens soon and we cannot wait to meet the casts!

Last October 8, the casts greeted the media through an online conference held in Korea. The casts and Director, Song Hyun Wook were all lively and cheerful to greet the audiences virtually.

(From left to right) Nam Yoon-su, Jung Chae-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ro Woon, Bae Yoon-kyung, Choi Byung-chan | From Netflix

Spearheaded by Director Song, he emphasized that this project is a romance themed drama. This features the story of a King that was not recorded in historical records.

“It’s a romance series that is set in palace rife with political conflict. Aside from romance, viewers can also expect action and humor.”

Song Hyun Wook

A short drama overview: It will take us back in the Joseon dynasty wherein a female King gets to the throne. Yi Hwi (played by Park Eun Bin) is disguised as the female twin of the late real prince. There, the disguised prince settles into royalty life under the guidance of Jung Ji Un (played by Rowoon).

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On taking their roles

The whole casts were asked on what made them accept their roles, majority of them shared similar answers.

Actress Park Eun Bin mentioned that curiosity made her say yes especially as she gets to play the female King. Meanwhile, Rowoon revealed that a particular line made him join in a heartbeat. As to which line it is, he said, fans can wait for the series to know what he’s talking about!

The King's Affection Netflix Leads
Rowoon and Park Eun Bin | Photo from Netflix

Meanwhile supporting casts Nam Yoon Su and Choi Byung Han said that they were intrigued with the script. Since this is set in Joseon Dynasty, they considered that this is a historical drama. They looked forward to learn a lot by accepting their roles.

Standing L-R: Nam Yoon-su and Park Eun Bin
Sitting L-R: Rowoon and Bae Yoon-kyung
Photo from Netflix

Bae Yoon Kyung mentioned that she previously worked with the director. The actress was looking forward working with her fellow casts especially Eun Bin, who she’s a fan of. Lastly, Jung Chaeyeon also confirmed that she joined due to the series’ interesting plot.

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The King’s Affection steps up the game with period dramas

As we all know, most historical-romance dramas incorporates time-travelling. Sometimes, soul-swapping also happens or the typical i-need-to-disguise-to-survive formula. Here in The King’s Affection, we are given a female who’s already in power but still in the disguise-to-survive formula.

Park Eun Bin as Yi Hwi | Photo from Netflix

What makes it unique is the idea of introducing a female king in a world where only male kings existed. Audiences are sure for a treat with different scenes that’ll make them enjoy the journey with the characters.

What fans should expect?

Aside from the sageuk theme of this series, fans can anticipate the good chemistry of the casts. Since The King’s Affection is still filming (as of writing) the casts has been together for a long time.

Director Song Hyun Wook shared a funny anecdote that he was surprised with how tall Rowoon is! Thus, challenging him to cast actors with the similar height.

Park Eun Bin said that there are too many great scenes that audiences should look forward to! The actress added,

“It’ll be interesting to see their (referring to Yi Hwi and Jung Ji Un) feelings grow.”

Park Eun Bin

The series also features the beautiful Korean architecture that’ll make the viewers appreciate the country’s rich culture and history. As for Nam Yoon Su, he emphasized that fans should remember the lines! The lines left by each character entails the main message of the series.

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Save the date this October 11!

The King’s Affection is set to premiere on Netflix this October 11 at 10:30 PM PST. Let’s look forward to this one of a kind story!

Hwaiting, The King’s Affection Team!

All photos are from Netflix.

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