Feel like on cloud 9 in “When I Fly Towards You”

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When I Fly Towards You is a Chinese drama about a new student, Su Zaizai (played by Zhang Miaoyi), who falls in love with cold, academic achiever, Zhang Lurang (Zhou Yiran). Despite their opposing personalities, Zaizai always follows Lurang and makes him smile. Lurang, on the other hand, sees Zaizai as a breath of fresh air from his pressured life to become a top student.

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Aside from Zaizai and Lu Rang’s love story, this C-drama also focuses on their friendship, and Gu Ran and Jia’s enemies to lovers romance.

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Did you know that the writer of When I Fly Towards You is the same writer who wrote Hidden Love? Both dramas were released at the same time and made viewers feel the kilig that got them hooked on both stories.

Even though the drama was released months ago, the story, the characters, and the romance was unforgettable that it should be watched by more viewers.

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Want to know why it should be watched more? Here are four reasons why:

Grumpy x Sunshine Couple

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Su Zaizai is a cheerful, energetic girl while Zhang Lurang is a quiet, distant boy. Their different personalities worked, and their chemistry was good.

Zaizai is expressive of her feelings for Lu Rang and showers him with encouraging words such as affection. Lu Rang, on the other hand, may be a shy person but his actions show how really cares for Zaizai. It’s also cute to see a shy person like him have a soft spot for a specific person.

Nostalgic high school story

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High school is the time when teenagers explore things, hang out with friends, and figure out what they want to do with life.

Even though students are told to always focus on their studies, When I Fly Towards You showed that teenagers should enjoy their youth, find time to have fun, spend time with friends, and learn things outside of school.

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Pressure from parents

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Even though this story is a light romance, it shows another realistic side. This drama showed how some teenagers experience pressure from their parents to do well at school.

Lu Rang grew up in a family where he must be the best. If he didn’t get a high grade or had the highest grade in his year, his mother would scold him and compare him to his brother.

Finding your circle of friends

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Having friends close to you is more important than you think.

When experiencing personal struggles, whether at home, school, or internal feelings—your friends could be the first people you call.

Being in a circle of people where you can find comfort helps you to appreciate yourself more. Plus, they’ll be people you want to take care of aside from your family.

For these reasons, viewers will fall in love with the story and reminisce about what it’s like to be young again.

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Zaizai and Lu Rang’s love story will make your hearts flutter, feel like on cloud 9, and believe in love again.

Image source: YOUKU
Image source: YOUKU

Stream When I Fly Towards You on Netflix.

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