3 Ongoing Chinese dramas that you should watch right now

We all know that Chinese dramas have gained a huge fanbase all around the world, from historical dramas with heartwarming action sequences to contemporary romances that will melt your heart.

With that, below are some of the best ongoing Chinese dramas this 2023 that you shouldn’t miss!

Meet Yourself

A lady named Xu Hong Dou has spent most of her adult life working in the hotel industry. She embodies the definition of a lady from the big city, but her life experiences a severe setback. Her life has fallen apart as a result of the death of her best female friend.

Image Source: Hunan TV

She then encounters a group of like-minded big-city dwellers who have also made the decision to leave the city in pursuit of a more peaceful way of life. One of them goes by the name of Xie Zhi Yao. Soon, Xu Hong Dou realizes that by assisting him, she can put her own expertise in the hotel sector to good use. But as they start to collaborate, Cupid seems eager to unite them.

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My Lethal Man

Zhuang Xin Yan is discovered by Shen Man Ning as a result of an unexpected kidnapping case. Shen Man Ning is forced to begin her second life as Yan Xing Cheng’s fiancée after Zhuang Xin Yan dies.

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The two move from being utterly antagonistic to one another to gradually forming forces, growing to love and rely on one other as they face difficulties and challenges together. Together, they uncover the details of the 17-year-old case that has remained unresolved.

The Blood of Youth

Lei Wu Jie is eager to establish his heroism as a member of the Lei Clan, but as a newcomer to martial arts, he has a long way to go before he can achieve that status. Xiao Se, who is struggling with his business, is not happy when a young-wannabe-hero’s antics do harm to his establishment.

Image Source: YOUKU

Wu Jei realizes that the only way to appease the furious Xiao Se, who is demanding that he make up for the harm he did, is to take him along with him. The two travel together out of need and without knowing what fate has in store for them.

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What do you think of these dramas?

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