Song Kang made PH Songpyeons feel the butterflies in his first-ever fun meet in Manila!

PH Songpyeons had a blissful night at Song Kang’s first-ever fun meet in Manila!

On March 5, Smart Araneta Coliseum was filled with the loudest cheers from PH Songpyeons as the star of the night, Song Kang entered the stage to meet his lovable fans.

The event started off with the segment called, “Kang Close and Personal” where fans got to know more about him. Song Kang said that he loves the weather in the Philippines and he’s so happy to be here. The food is great, and he shared as well that he enjoyed eating food in Jollibee.

Fans were so ecstatic when Song Kang showed off his adorable dancing skill with NewJeans’ song, Hype Boy. He’s such a cutie!

After that Q&A portion, Song Kang read some of the messages from the fans. He thanked everyone and said that he will take all of it and whenever he’s struggling with something, he will look at those messages to strengthen and comfort him.

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Song Kang gamely accepted challenges in “He Kang Do It” segment, he did a morning greeting, 10 seconds stare, posing aegyo, reenacting lines from his dramas, and took a polaroid photo which was given to a lucky fan.

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Fun meeting is not complete without Song Kang learning some Filipino words. With the help of PH Songpyeons, he learned Filipino phrases such as, Magandang Umaga, Ano Ba Yan, Kumain na Tayo, Gusto Ko Bumalik, Masaya Akong Makita Ka, Ang Saya Saya Ko, Samahan Mo Ako Sa Korea.

Aside from that, he also mentioned the words, Bongga, Pogi, and Mahal Kita. He’s very good at speaking Filipino words.

Moreover, Song Kang also gave love and work advice to his fans. He said to express your emotions very well, if you want to say “Thank you” and “Sorry” to somebody, do it freely.

He shared heartwarming advice to his fans as well who are thinking of giving up on their dreams.

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Song Kang was touched and cried after watching the video message from his fans he said that he really did not think that he was going to cry. Song Kang said he was so thankful for all of the support. He gains so much strength and energy from all of his fans to be able to work. He hopes that all of his fans to be happy and healthy for a very long time.

The event wrapped up with a sweet message from him saying that he had such an unforgettable time, it is such a wonderful memory that he will be taking home with him. He enjoyed the fun meet so much and he’ll be going home to work even harder and he will come back to see his fans again.

Aw! Thank you our dearest Song Kang for making us all feel the butterflies and making us all happy during this memorable night. We love you! Until we meet again!

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This event was made possible by Deoproce and Wilbros.

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