The ship has sailed: HORI7ON’s successful voyage for their first-ever concert has finally happened!

Global pop group HORI7ON successfully sailed with their first-ever concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 9th. It was a full-pack concert as they performed all songs from their album ‘Friend-SHIP‘.

The members started the show with an explosive performance of ‘Meteor’, followed by their pre-debut hits ‘DASH’ and ‘Tiger’.

After their greetings and introduction, HORI7ON performed their debut song ‘SIX7EEN‘ and ‘Birthday’.

Their solo songs featuring Noa and Leo of TFN (via screencast), also Jom, Wilson, Thad, Macky, and Josh L of New:ID were performed next, followed by a chat on stage among themselves about their solo songs.

MLD Entertainment’s new group, New:ID, performed their own song as well and introduced themselves. The members are already known by the Anchors as they were also from the survival-reality show ‘Dream Maker’ where HORI7ON came from.

Up next was a special video about the “Human Story” of HORI7ON, with their characters and roles in the group showing the great chemistry of the members.

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The video was followed by much-awaited performances of ‘Death or Paradise’ by the hyung line (Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, and Winston) and ‘How You Feel’ by the maknae line (Jeromy and Marcus featuring special guest Haeun of Lapillus).

HORI7ON also acknowledged the (friend)SHIPs that were recognized and loved amongst fans, gaining the loudest cheers as they made cute interactions on stage.

A surprise stage came next as the members danced to K-POP hits from ENHYPEN, TXT, Stray Kids, and Seventeen.

The highlight of the night was their cover of SB19’s GENTO. They mentioned respecting the group and wanting to be like them someday.

The members showed their individual charms as they danced to some girl groups’ dances and Kim displayed his beatbox talent with members dancing to it. The fun continued as they did ‘SIX7EEN’ at 2x speed as a surprise mission.

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Things got emotional when they finally performed the special song ‘Mama’ where they also received heartfelt video messages from their parents right after.

Next is a song for their beloved supporters, ‘Salamat’, affecting the crowd as they started singing along and waving their lightsticks.

HORI7ON received a special cake and gifts on stage and they posed for photos with the excited crowd. They also showed everyone the Anchor pose they worked hard for.

Photo courtesy of @hori7official on Instagram

After this, a video from their journey on ‘Dream Maker’ was shown with greetings from some Anchors from the Philippines and all over the world.

They performed the songs from ‘Dream Maker’ such as ‘Odd Eye’, ‘Hit Me’, ‘Lovey Dovey‘, and ‘Take My Hand’.

The members gave their wishes for each other and their messages for Anchors, thanking everyone for their unending and tireless support since the beginning.

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HORI7ON ended the show with an encore of ‘SIX7EEN’ and ‘DASH’ while the fans were happily singing and dancing along with them.

Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Marcus, Winston, Reyster, and Jeromy posted on their Twitter account after the show to show their love and gratitude for everyone.

From the fan meeting at the New Frontier Theater to the concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, HORI7ON has been showing their passion and hard work, with the Anchors rewarding them by continuously showing their support for their dreams.

A new and rising global pop group that is starting to achieve their dreams will continue to chase bigger goals and a brighter future together. HORI7ON will surely show the world what they’re truly made of.

Photo courtesy of @dnmentph on X
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