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Running restlessly towards their debut with their hopes and dreams, global pop group HORI7ON is about to sail with their Anchors all over the world with the release of their first full album entitled ‘Friend-SHIP‘.

After their journey on the survival-reality show ‘Dream Maker’, HORI7ON embarks with pre-debut activities such as releasing the tracks ‘Salamat’ and ‘DASH’, successful first fanmeeting, and meticulous training in South Korea.

For HORI7ON’S first sail, the members and their Anchors (official fandom name) will be together on a ship filled with friendship, hence the album title ‘Friend-SHIP’.

‘Friend-SHIP’ will have 21 songs that will consist not only of songs from HORI7ON but also features TFN, Lapillus, and new:ID.

The title song ‘SIX7EEN’ has an addictive melody with a slap bass in the chorus, perfectly expressing the musical color of HORI7ON. SIX pertains to a hexagon of perfection with the energetic Teenager, combined together, who has made up HORI7ON’s very own SIX-7EEN, creating a cheerful vibe.

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In this album, the members are expected to show their individual and colorful charms through having solo songs as well.

HORI7ON will not only be paving a new way for K-POP and P-POP but also for the world of POP. The members of HORI7ON who have been endlessly rowing the rough waves and never giving up, will now start their fearless sail.

HORI7ON first album, ‘Friend-SHIP’ will be released on July 24 at 6 PM KST.

Source: PR from MLD Entertainment

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