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Hundred Days Miracle: HORI7ON First Fanmeeting

The newest rising global pop group HORI7ON had its first-ever fanmeeting on April 22, 2023, at the New Frontier Theater presented by DNM Entertainment and hosted by Ai dela Cruz.

They welcomed the sold-out crowd with their performance of “Take My Hand”, the official theme song of Dream Maker, the survival reality show where HORI7ON was formed and created.

After the opening performance, the members introduced themselves and gave their heartfelt messages to the fans.

The group then performed their pre-debut single “DASH” with loud cheers and fan chants prepared by the fans. This was followed by playing a couple of fun games that were enjoyed by everyone.

The night was made even more exciting when the official fandom name of HORI7ON was finally revealed. The group’s fandom is now called “ANCHOR”.

Soon after, they performed “Odd Eye” for the first time as HORI7ON and also hyped the crowd with “Tiger”. Both are mission songs from the survival reality show.

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They did the DASH Challenge with lucky fans chosen to dance with the members and heated up the stage by doing the Random Play Dance where they danced to different KPOP groups’ music. The crowd, which was obviously fans of KPOP as well, enjoyed the segment and appreciated the group’s skills in dancing some of their favorite hits.

They performed another mission song “Lovey Dovey”, shared their thankful messages, and watched the special video from the fans.

The last song to end the show was “Salamat”, another original song from Dream Maker.

The members went to the stage again to perform 2 songs for the encore, “Dash” and “Lovey Dovey”, but this time they were wearing cute onesies! They also spent time taking photos with the crowd.

Although the fanmeeting was the last show of the group in the Philippines before their much-awaited debut in South Korea, it also marks the beginning of a new journey for these dreamers.

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HORI7ON, congratulations on a very successful first fanmeeting in the Philippines and we wish you all the best in your journey in South Korea. Your Anchors will always support you!

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