Life lessons and dreams: HORI7ON shares lessons learned away from home, and expresses joy in achieving dreams together

On the 7th of September, DNM Entertainment held a press conference for the concert of the global pop group HORI7ON.

The members generously answered questions and shared their memories of living in South Korea for almost 4 months.

The press conference started with HORI7ON posing for photos for the media.

Hosted by Ai dela Cruz, the members were asked if the idea of having a concert in Araneta Coliseum has sunk in yet.

Vinci said that the members were kind of nervous. The first time they heard that they were having a concert, they were genuinely shocked. But now, they’re very excited to see their Filipino Anchors because they know how much their fans missed them and they missed them so much as well. They want to show the improvement and growth that they achieved while training in South Korea.

Being a new group that debuted just recently, Marcus was grateful that they were already having their first concert this early.


Sharing memorable experiences during their training, Marcus mentioned that they had a very hard time preparing for their debut song ‘SIX7EEN’. They would practice 5 seconds worth of the song for 2 to 3 hours. That’s how perfect they all wanted their performances to be.

HORI7ON went through burnout and were mentally tired at times. Every day, the trainings were hard but they managed and were able to move forward because of the Anchors.

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They also talked about the prank they did for Kyler’s birthday and how Kyler said that the prank actually made their relationship deeper, realizing that the members are really his family now.

As to what lessons they learned while in South Korea, Winston shared that the best thing that has happened to them was facing all the uncertainties and challenges together. He’s always reminded that no matter what happens or what situations they’re in, the members are there to uplift each other.

Marcus learned to live with a positive mind by not worrying that much, while Vinci said that it’s okay to be delusional about your dreams in life. Someday, you can get to be where you want to be.

The members shared their favorite songs from their debut album ‘Friend-SHIP‘.

In addition, they also shared their favorite OPM songs and even sang a bit for everyone.


HORI7ON shared what they missed the most about the Philippines. The members’ top of mind was always food! They also missed their families (Kim specifically said he misses his cat and how he badly wants to see it again) and their Filipino Anchors.

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Reyster: Anchors! Maraming-maraming salamat sa suporta n’yo. Totoo na mahirap yung mga pinagdaanan namin sa Korea pero kayo yung nagbibigay-lakas sa’min kapag nagpe-perform kami.

Kyler: Thank you so much for your tireless support, Anchors.

Winston: Hello, Anchors! Thank you so much for supporting us and loving us. Kahit nandun kami sa Korea, lagi naming nararamdaman yung fire na pagmamahal n’yo para sa’min and we’re very thankful for that and we will always do our best for you.

Marcus: Thank you, Anchors, for always supporting us kahit na nasa South Korea kami. We still feel your support and I really wanna thank you for staying, for not being tired of us, for always supporting us every day, giving so much effort into letting us do what we wanna do.

Kim: Sa totoo po, kapag nakikita mo yung suporta nila, para mapapa-speechless ka nalang dahil hindi mo na alam kung pa’no mag-payback kundi mag-perform nalang kami nang maayos. Sobrang nagpapasalamat po ako sa kanila at sobrang na-miss ko po sila. Gusto ko na po silang makita sa September 9.

Jeromy: Anchors, hindi n’yo na po kami kailangan ma-miss kasi in 2 days, we’re going to perform in front of you guys and thank you for supporting us kahit nasa ibang bansa po kami.

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Vinci: Thank you, Anchors, kasi alam namin na naging mahirap yung journey namin and malayo kami sa pamilya namin pero nandyan kayo to be HORI7ON’s Anchors. In 2 days, sana handa ang mga fan chants n’yo ’cause we’re so ready to give you the best stage and the best version of HORI7ON the world is yet to see.

HORI7ON also thanked the members of the press for attending the press conference and for their support.

The press conference was concluded after entertaining some questions from the members of the press and posing for more photos.


  • Watch out for exclusive solo performances! This will be the very first time that the members will perform solo since becoming HORI7ON.
  • The song ‘Mama’ was inspired by the letters they’ve written for their mothers and being far away from them.
  • After the concert, HORI7ON will be staying longer in the Philippines to promote. (HORI7ON is here to stay!)

Having a concert at one of the biggest and well-known venues here in the Philippines was once a dream for the members. Tomorrow, they’re finally going to live that dream. Good luck and congratulations, HORI7ON! We’re so proud of you!

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