HORI7ON ranked 1st on iTunes album charts; got nominated on SBS M ‘The Show Choice’

Global pop group HORI7ON has been unstoppable as they are on their way towards the global stage.

The group has recently released their debut full-length album ‘Friend-SHIP‘ and is now actively promoting with their title song ‘SIX7EEN’.

They were nominated on SBS M’s The Show Choice with ‘SIX7EEN’ and placed 2nd at the end of the voting, proving their great potential after their successful debut.

Just like how ‘SIX7EEN’ relays the confident determination of a teenager, HORI7ON has proven their explosive popularity as they have topped the ranks of the iTunes chart in the Philippines. The group has been trending on the Twitter trending list of the Philippines every time they have been performing in different music shows, showing their outstanding leap as a global pop group.

Friend-SHIP’ ranked 1st in the album chart of iTunes in the Philippines, New Zealand, and United Arab Emirates on the same day of the release. The following day, it ranked 1st on the same category in Spain, Qatar and Poland, truly showing the positive synergy of the collaboration between K-POP and P-POP.

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The album with 21 songs shows the music colors of the seven members.

HORI7ON has been restlessly dashing since ‘Dream Maker’ to their official debut with their dreams, hopes, and friendship. Together with their Anchors, they will continue paving a new way for global pop with their Korean and international promotions.

Watch their latest performance of ‘SIX7EEN’ on SBS M ‘The Show’:

Source: PR from MLD Entertainment

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