LOOK: Teasers of BTS Doll Collection by Mattel excites fans

Mattel teases fans by uploading close up pictures of the first ever BTS dolls.

The toy manufacturer announced before their collaboration with the worldwide phenomenon BTS by releasing the members own doll versions.

On March 18, Mattel shared on their twitter a photo showing the silhouettes of the seven dolls.

A lot of fans got more excited as Mattel continues to post more teasers of their upcoming BTS dolls prior to its official release.

On March 19, they posted a close-up picture of one of the members. Fans were quick to recognize who he is because check out that detailed dimple on his cheek!

Mattel shared more teasers of the dolls wearing the members’ signature outfit from their music video Idol.

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Check out the tweets below!

According to billboard, “Mattel revealed they’ll be 11.5-inch fashion dolls with 11 points of articulation, and each will cost around $20. They’ll be released on September 1.”

Fans are expecting Mattel is going to release more teasers to thrill fans whose hands are iching to have their own BTS doll versions.

Are you getting yourself BTS dolls?

Meanwhile, BTS is set to have their comeback with Map of the Soul: Persona.

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