The Korean film “The Moon” proved to be one of the most amazing space-themed films of 2023!

The Korean film industry has a strong year in 2023, with several titles premiering on occasion. In this article, I’ll focus on one of the most amazing films I’ve seen this year: Kim Yong-hwa’s The Moon

The film has been one of the most anticipated of the year due to its fantastic cast, which includes Sol Kyung-gu, Kim Hee-ae, and Doh Kyung-soo. When the film begins, however, audiences are in for a literally out-of-this-world experience. 

About the Moon

The story, which takes place in the far future, centers on the Korea Space Center’s quest to become the second human mission to land on the moon. The team succeeds in landing on the moon, but they soon face a national emergency when they discover that their lone astronaut, Hwang Sun-woo (played by Doh), has become stranded there. 

There are problems for the entire space center staff to solve in order to save Sun-woo. With no other option, the group turns to Kim Jae-guk, the former head of the space center, in the hopes of reuniting with Sun-woo.

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Amazing Cinematography

Jaw-dropping and realistic cinematography is what this movie showcased to its audience. Since the majority of its scenes were focused on Doh, the film’s depiction of outer space may exceed expectations for some, and the high-quality graphics are a perfect treat for the eyes! 

Watching this film on Imax elevates the effects more and will make you appreciate the graphics at their best. 

Virtual Scenes 

One of the unique elements presented in this film is the fact that the majority of the lines delivered between the main leads were done virtually. Sung-woo was on the moon, Jae-guk was in Korea, and Moon-young (played by Kim) was at the NASA Space Center in the United States. 

The three main leads communicated mostly through virtual channels. In the form of video chats, radio channels, and space telecommunication. I think this is the first film that I’ve watched with this type of set-up, and it did not disappoint. There’s no feeling of emptiness or a need for physical scenes due to the actors’ strong chemistry. 

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Good storyline 

The movie’s plot is well told in the film. Despite it becoming draggy at some point and there being some side stories, the overall film story was nice. There is a certain emphasis on family values, such as the reason Sun-woo joins the mission—an honor to his father.

Another would be the emphasis on perseverance. Jae-guk and Moon-young, despite their personal histories,  worked together to find ways to bring the stranded Sun-woo home. Their respective reputations have been on the line, but their strong passion and determination to make the impossible possible are a good reminder that there’s always hope in everything.

Superb casts

Lastly, I wanted to commend the amazing cast who gave their best in this film! The actors in this movie were perfectly handpicked to portray their roles, whether they were minors or cameos. Director Kim Yong-hwa even complimented the cast! Doh Kyung-soo really nailed this lead role! His acting has gradually improved over the years. It’s amazing how his portrayal of once hopeless Hwang Sun-woo turned 180 degrees to a bright, cheerful one.

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Veterans Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Hee-ae continued to prove that their names are always on the big screen. Sol Kyung-gu has brought Kim Jae-guk to life as a person who’s into space. Wherever he may be, he’ll babble about the uniqueness of space education. Meanwhile, Kim Hee-ae, as the strong and amazing Yoon Moon-young, has proven that women can excel even when it comes to a space-related career.

Should you watch it?

Definitely. The movie had its Philippine premiere in August, and Columbia Pictures Philippines handled the distribution.

This movie is highly recommended for people who love watching space-themed movies! If you weren’t able to watch it, plead that it may have a re-run or be available for streaming on selected platforms!

Photos from Columbia Pictures Philippines and Hancinema.

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