Kim Seon Ho received a casting offer for Hong Sisters’ next drama!

Kim Seon Ho is currently looking at the casting offer for Hong Sisters’ next drama ‘Can You Translate This Love?’ (Transliteration)

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On July 3rd, Salt Entertainment confirmed to local news outlets that Kim Seon Ho is currently reviewing the offer positively.

‘Can You Translate This Love?’ is a heartbreaking romance story in which a guy works as a translator and meets a lady who talks about love in an entirely different way to him and how are they going to understand each other.

A lot of K-drama enthusiasts are looking forward to this series as this will be another creation of the Hong Sisters who are known for writing hit dramas such as ‘Hwayugi,’ ‘Hotel del Luna,’ and ‘The Greatest Love’ to name a few.

Photo courtesy of @Star1 Magazine

Son Suk Gu was previously offered the role of male lead but later declined due to personal reasons.

The actor gained recognition for his role as Han Jipyeong in the Netflix series, ‘Start-Up’ then followed by Hong Banjang in ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’ which was well-received by many.

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Kim Seon Ho made his big screen debut in the film ‘The Childe’ on June 21, 2023.

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