[UPDATED] Most anticipated action-noir film, “The Childe” is coming to Philippine cinemas this July!

Updated as of May 27:

The chase is on!

Are your hearts ready for the action-noir film, The Childe?

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The jaw-dropping teaser for the upcoming debut film of Kim Seon Ho was released on May 16. The said teaser shows the extreme escape of Marco from the mysterious people who chase after him.

Kim Seon Ho transforms into a mysterious mad chaser, at the end of the teaser, he greets someone saying, “Hey, friend. I told you that we’d see each other soon.”

Proudly presented by Creazion Studios and Glimmer Philippines, The Childe is set to hit Philippine Cinemas on July 5.

Are you all excited about this?

Watch the intense teaser here:

Original Article:

PH Seonhohadas! The most anticipated big-screen debut of our beloved Kim Seon Ho is coming to Philippine Cinemas soon!

On April 20, Glimmer Philippines shared a thrilling announcement that they are bringing The Childe to the Philippines in partnership with The Creazion Studios. They previously brought great films, Hunt and The RoundUp to Philippine Cinemas.

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The Childe (originally titled, Sad Tropics) depicts the story of a man named Marco, who is an aspiring boxer. His father is Korean while his mother is Filipino.

He comes to Korea to find his father who abandoned him. While finding his father, his path comes across bad guys who chase after him.

The Childe is directed by Park Hoon Jung who previously worked with the hit films such as V.I.P and The Witch: Part 1.The Subversion.

Moreover, Kim Seon Ho made PH Seonhohadas smile from ear to ear when he held his first fan meeting, “One, Two, Three, Smile” in Manila last January 22.

The Childe is slated to premiere in theaters this coming June.

Are you excited about this? stay tuned for more updates!

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