It’s been a week since NCT DOJAEJUNG spent a memorable night with PH Czennies with their first-ever Fancon here in Manila called “Scented Symphony: Perfume”.

The moment that the lights went out, the darkness was filled with neon green lights that shine like the stars in the night sky. As loud cheers of happiness and love filled the air while NCT DoJaeJung slowly rise up on the stage to greet their fans with their song “Kiss”.

After an amazing performance, NCT DoJaeJung continues to make PH Czennies’ hearts flatter as they utter “Mabuhay, Mahal Kita, and Kamusta.”

The three of them also shared all the good memories that they had while creating the mini-album which includes creating their own perfume, traveling to Thailand where they shot their MV, and promoting their mini-album through music programs in South Korea and to different countries through Fancons. 

As the night goes on, NCT DoJaeJung continues to capture the hearts of PH Czennies as they show their gamer self while playing the games that were prepared for them. But what made the night sweeter was giving three lucky fans, who were picked by them, the chance to play with them. 

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Of course, the night won’t be complete without seeing NCT DoJaeJung’s performance of the songs from their mini-album. 

With each electrifying performance, PH Czennies couldn’t stop screaming because their hearts were filled with so much glee as they witness another milestone unfolds right before their eyes. 

It is undeniable that the night spent with these talented and handsome men was definitely too short. 

But even so, each and every PH Czennies left with a smile on their face and another unforgettable memory to treasure.

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