“Revenant” starring Kim Tae Ri and Oh Jung Se is coming to Disney+ on June 23!

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Brace yourselves for another breathtaking series that is set to land on Disney+ this June.

Revenant tells a story of a woman named Gu San Yeong who loses her father due to mysterious death. She discovers the enigma behind her cursed existence when she meets a man named, Yeom Hae Sang who can see demons. They will work together to uncover a demonic doorway and break the curse that has destroyed both of their families.

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Following the success of her drama, Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Kim Tae Ri transforms into a woman named Gu San Yeong, whose life goes from bad to worse when her father dies under mysterious circumstances.

Oh Jung Se who previously impressed us with his acting skill in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay will portray the role of Yeom He Sang, the man who can see demons.

Revenant is written by Kim Eun Hee who previously worked on hit Korean series such as Kingdom, Signal, and Sign, and will be helmed by director Lee Jung Rim, the mastermind behind VIP and The Last Empress.

Revenant will be available for streaming starting June 23 on Disney+.


Source: PR from Disney+


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