10 Questions That We Need Answers From The Finale of ‘The Last Empress’

As we’re waiting for the final episodes of drama ‘The Las Empress’, here are some questions that we can’t wait to be answered:

1. Who will be the last Empress of Korea at the end of the series?

As the drama title suggests, there will be at least, a last Empress of Korea once the constitutional monarchy has been disolved. Will it be Oh Sunny? Princess Ari? Or perhaps, Oh Hel Ro if she marries Prince Lee Yoon?

2. What will be the end of Empress Dowager Kang?

We have seen how evil is her character all throughout the series and we can’t wait what will happen to her in the end. Will she ever admit to her crimes and ask for forgiveness? Will she be guilty of all the charges against her and be put behind bars?

3. What will happen to Seo Kang Hee?

Similar to Empress Dowager, we’ve seen how selfish Seo Kang Hee is for committing multiple crimes and for trying to manipulate her daughter, Princess Ari. Will she succeed in the end or she’ll pay for the wrong things she has done?

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4. What will be the future of Princess Ari?

If something happens to her biological parents Seo Kang Hee and Lee Hyuk, and her mother-in-law Oh Sunny, what will happen to Princess Ari? Who will take care of this cute little child? Will she ever have a complete family who will properly guide her while growing up?

5. Will Princess Soo Jin find her self-worth and end up being happy?

One of the unstable characters in the series is Princess Soo Jin who doesn’t clearly know what to do or who to take side. She was fooled by her own mother, the Empress Dowager and was used by Na Wang Shik. Will she ever find her own happiness in the end?

6. Will Min Yu Ra and Kang Joo Seung get back together with their (presumably) son Na Dong Shik?

We know how Min Yu Ra treated her son because she thought that Kang Joo Seung left her. But of course, now that she knows about the true story of his sudden disappearance, will she make up for her past mistakes and be reunited with her son and his father to start a complete family?

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7. Will Prince Lee Yoon and Oh Hel Ro end up together and get married?

Seeing the cute chemistry of Prince Yoon and Hel Ro, we can’t wait to see if they will still be together despite of all the mess involving their families. Will they get married in the end?

8. Will Na Wang Shik get the justice?

Based on reports, Choi Jin Hyuk only managed to participate in the filming of the drama until the 48th episode. The show is extended with 4 more episodes and Choi Jin Hyuk could no longer film due to conflict with his scheduled fan meeting in Taiwan. So how are they going to end Na Wang Shik’s story? Will he ever get the justice for his late mom?

9. What will happen to Emperor Lee Hyuk?

We’ve witnessed the character development of Lee Hyuk from being the evil emperor to a weak son and husband, to being Princess Ari’s father and eventually, Sunny’s lover. We hate him but we also find him cute and he has a strong chemistry with Sunny. Will he ever get to pay for the crimes that he committed? Will he continue to help Sunny in the end or will be blinded by his selfishness?

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10. To whom Oh Sunny will end up to?

Oh Sunny eventually became a stronger woman through all the adversities she has gone through after marrying Lee Hyuk and being the Empress of Korea. Sunny used to have a strong adoration with Lee Hyuk but eventually despised him for using her as an alibi to his crimes. Will she ever forgive Lee Hyuk and end up with him? Or she will choose to protect and be with Na Wang Shik until the end? Or perhaps, she will just stay as single with her family and live peacefully in the Chungeum island – that’s if she ever manages to be alive until they abolish the royal family.

What do you think will be the ending of ‘The Last Empress’? Share us your theories on the comment section!

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8 thoughts on “10 Questions That We Need Answers From The Finale of ‘The Last Empress’

  1. We are need to hear thier answer…even me I’m curious because WANG SHIK is easy to die without justice and emperor is still a live after all evidence for him.. that’s unfair… the emperor put in the jail for he’s mastakes 👍👍👍

  2. Great post! Here are my thoughts:
    1. I think Princess Soo Jin will get the shaft of an ending. Not that they will kill her, more like they will forget about her entirely now that she is no longer useful, much like “her Bin” dropped her like a hot potato once she outlived her usefulness…
    2. I have a theory that Na Dong Sik is actually the product of rape from that evil older dude who is working for the evil dowager empress. And then what’shisface just wanted to marry Min Yoo Ra because he either didn’t know it wasn’t his, or he just loved her that much.
    3. Is it wrong I want the emporer to be happy in the end? I mean, I feel like the best I can hope for at this point is for him to die feeling redeemed…but yeah, I like him so much more than everyone else except for Sunny and Ari. I even like him more than Na Wang Sik…mostly because he has way more facets than Reveng-Is-All-That-Matters Na Wang Sik.
    4.WHAT?! Choi Jin Hyuk is leaving after episode 48?! I don’t even know how to process that. I may not love his character, but he is a great actor and also a MAIN CHARACTER. How can they take him out? And what about the relationship between him and Sunny that they have been hinting at for forever?! WTH?

    1. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the no. 2 🙀 I actually want them all to have a happy ending even Soo Jin. I kinda pity her. Also, the show hasn’t really established the romantic relationship of Sunnu and Na Wang Sik . So I really don’t know what will happen to Sunny’s love life. I am also have a soft spot for Lee Hyuk despite his wrongdoings

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