Romantic revenge drama, “Red Swan” starring Rain and Kim Haneul is coming exclusively to Disney+

Another K-drama with a unique but dangerous story is coming to Disney+!

Red Swan depicts a story of a woman named Oh Wan Soo, she agreed to marry Kim Yong Guk because she’s struggling to clear her mother’s debt. She becomes unhappy when she discovers her husband’s infidelity. Despite all that, she stayed with him for over ten years determined to make their marriage work, but things quickly begin to change on the biggest night of her life when she meets and falls in love with Seo Do Yoon who saved her life. little does she know that Do Yoon has an ulterior motive for approaching her.

Photo Courtesy of Disney+

Kim Haneul plays the role of Oh Wan Soo, a former world-class Golfer who is current Goodwill Ambassador. She is the wife of Kim Yong Guk.

Kim Yong Guk, the heir to Hwain Group and the unfaithful husband of Oh Wan Soo will be played by Jung Gyu Woon.

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Photo Courtesy of Disney+

Rain transforms into a bodyguard with an ulterior motive named Seo Do Yoon.

Lastly, Seo Yi Sook portrays the role of Park Mi Ran, CEO of the Hwain Group.

Red Swan is written by Choi Yoon Jung who previously worked on Only Love and Three Sisters. It is directed by Park Hong Kyun, director of A Korean Odyssey and Warm and Cozy.

Who’s excited for this? Stream Red Swan later this year exclusively on Disney+.

Source: PR from Disney+

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