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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: A nightmare or a fairy tale?

Written by Syeda Muntaha Ali

People are telling many reasons to watch It’s Okay to Not Be Okay but for me, world of my mind stopped spinning on just one point upon watching it.

The mental health scenario.

In a whole different way.

With gulping you in visual pleasing scenery.

I just… got stuck there.

Firstly, it caught my attention because of its name and now… when I watched it, I was under some unknown singing vibrations. For a moment I thought that it will gonna be a mental health related drama like the other pieces we have watched before. Just for a moment. Then, the teaser was enough to change my mind in an instant.

While watching the first episode, all of the dark tragic creatures hooded under evil energies filled the environment; then, somewhere in the form of Sang Tae’s cuteness, imaginary shining colors, imaginary dancing characters, innocent pureness of moon, and badass fierce koo spread the lanterns of joy, calm joy, again unknown. Unknown calm joy. 

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Romance in healing dramas, in a way that some hero comes to heal your wounds, always kinda upsets me as I believe in self healing first. Self healing in sense of holding your back, relaxing yourself, and not letting your hope fade away.

Self diagnosis is a crime in other countries and for that, professionals are here. Asking professionals for help is another thing, it’s essential and finding it through soul mate is another.

I guess, here we are, gonna watch it through the first condition. An authentic way of healing. So giving it a hopeful shot. The vibes are extraordinary. Let’s see. It’s gonna be more than okay.

In just two episodes…

It has told me that it’s not just gonna be drama, at least for me, but a gloomy yet sparkling room where I can see flying pitch black cloaks of disastrous monsters and can feel the glitter of rainbow tint sprinkled in the air. 

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A nightmare. A fairytale. What a terrible yet pretty place to exist.

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