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AO EXCLUSIVE: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, and other cast members share their preparations for their roles in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

Ready your hearts as one of the most anticipated coming-of-age series is coming on our small screens very soon!

Twenty Five, Twenty One tells an endearing story of a youth who is finding a way forward after having their dreams taken away in 1998. It is about a couple who first met at the age of 22 and 18, they reunite and fell in love at the age of 25 and 21. The heart fluttering story between love and friendship and the chemistry of the five youth who are struggling in finding their ways. The drama will bring back the naïve and innocent memories of youth.

In an exclusive virtual press conference hosted by Kim Seul Gi held on February 9, Director Jung Jee Hyun and the cast members namely, Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Ji Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook, Lee Ju Myung shared their preparations and talked about their roles in the said series.

Director Jung Jee Hyun was asked why did he chose the year 1998 period in the series and he answered, “The ’90s was the period where a lot of changes happened and back then I was a student. we are currently experiencing another challenging time with the COVID 19 pandemic so looking at how these young people go through life in 1998 would actually give some messages that can resonate with the present-day audience and that was the part I thought would be quite meaningful for us to look at.”

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He also mentioned that they put in a lot of effort getting the right style on, selecting the right locations, and doing a lot of research for the series.

About The Characters And The Casts’ Preparations

Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do

A passionate high school fencing player. Kim Tae Ri shared the reason why she chose to star in this drama, she said that it is so fun, beautiful and a kind of story that makes you happy, her character is full of energy as well which she hasn’t met before. According to her, the biggest charm of her role is being bold.

Moreover, she took about five to six months practicing fencing and took some lessons from the gold medalist in the preparation for her role as a fencing prodigy in the drama.

Nam Joo Hyuk as Baek Yi Jin

He is the eldest son who takes all the responsibilities for his family after it had broken up due to IMF and becomes a reporter. Nam Jo Hyuk said that he didn’t focus on showing anything new when it comes to himself rather he tried to show diverse aspects of himself in the drama. He just followed his guts.

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When asked about how did he prepared for his role as a journalist he said that he met a sports journalist for this.

Bona as Go Yoo Rim

A lovely teenage girl and a member of the national fencing team. Bona said that she practiced fencing a lot and spent a lot of time and energy preparing for her role.

Choi Hyun Wook as Moon Ji Woong

A unique, stylish, and artistic teenager. he is an influencer and wants to be a today member of Cyworld. Choi Hyun Wook said that he always tries hard when shooting the drama. According to him, Fashion is about confidence but he tried to increase his confidence and become confident himself because fashion is about confidence.

Lee Joo Myung as Ji Seong Wan

A top student who is full of rebellion emotions. In preparation for playing her role, she shared that she heard a lot of audio files from the past. “Seong Wan is very honest about her feelings and emotion and that was her biggest charm” she said.

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Moreover, Twenty Five, Twenty One is helmed by Writer Kwon Do Eun who wittily describes reality to feel sympathy in Search: WWW. Directed by Jung Jee Hyun who produced Search: WWW, The King: Eternal Monarch, You Are My Spring, and Search: WWW.

Let’s look forward to the characters’ great chemistry and Catch them on Netflix this coming February 12!

All photos courtesy of Netflix

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