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Jung Hae In sends food truck support to his “Snowdrop” comrades, Kim Min Gyu and Jang In Sub

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Captain Im Soo Hoo sent food truck to the filming sets of his comrades Gyeok Chan and Eung Chul to show his love and support for them!

On January 24, Kim Min Gyu flexed on his official Instagram account the photos of him looking so happy with the food truck sent by Jung Hae In on his filming set of the upcoming rom-com series, A Business Proposal also known as The Office Blind Date.

He wrote as a caption:

“Comrade captain, it’s more delicious than cup noodles! Thank you so much”

Jung Hae In designed the two horizontal banners with a sweet message that read as;

“I am rooting for all the staff and actors of ‘The Office Blind Date’.”

“Eat well and Cheer up!”

while the vertical banner reads as;

“Min Gyu- ya Cheer up!!”

On the other hand, Jung Hae In also sent food truck support to his other Snowdrop co-star, Jang In Sub on his filming set of his ongoing drama, The One and Only, He posted it as well on his official Instagram account on January 20 with a caption that reads as;

“Comrade captain… How far is the sweetness of our comrade captain? Thank you! It was more delicious than chicken soup”

The horizontal banner reads as;

“Happy New Year to all actors and staff of ‘The One and Only’.”

The vertical banner reads as;

“Actor Jang In Sub Fighting!”

Jung Hae In managed to send this presence to them despite being busy with his upcoming series, Connect. Such a sweet and thoughtful colleague!

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Meanwhile, Kim Min Gyu plays the role of Joo Gyeok Chan while Jang In Sub plays the role of Lee Eung Chul. Jung Hae In is their comrade captain named Im Soo Ho in a currently airing drama, Snowdrop.

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